Organizing To Resist Corporatization Of Higher Education

By Malini Cadambi Daniel, -

By Malini Cadambi Daniel for New Labor Forum - The once hallowed and secure work life of American university faculty has for the past quarter century been in turmoil. Being a profes­sor was once [...]

Social Injustice Done To Adjunct Faculty: Call To Action

By Randall B. Smith, -

By Randall B. Smith in The Public Discourse. Houston, TX - It’s August, and many of America’s teens are headed back to college. This means that not a few parents will be left with that empty [...]

Faculty Join Fast Food in the Fight for $15

By Justin Miller, -

Higher education institutions in the United States employ more than a million adjunct professors. This new faculty majority, about 70 percent of the faculty workforce, is doing the heavy lifting [...]

One-Quarter Of Adjunct Prof Families Receive Public Assistance

By Jordan Weissman, -

Once in a while, someone publishes an article about adjunct professors who resort to food stamps in order to survive on the rock-bottom pay that so many college instructors are expected to live [...]

Documentary About Higher Education’s Best Kept Secret

By Bradley Rettele, -

Freeway Fliers documents the growth of part-time (adjunct, contingent, associate, non-tenure track) faculty in America's colleges and universities, and the circumstances under which they work and [...]

Academic Sweatshop: My Life As An Adjunct

By Nicole Troxell, -

When I was 19 years old, a college professor changed my life. I took his Feminist Political Thought course and realized for the first time that I could be smart and capable. I decided I wanted to [...]