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No Matter How You Frame It, The ADL Is A Racist Organization

The Biden administration has released the country’s first national strategy for combating antisemitism, a landmark plan aimed at addressing a growing problem.” This is from a piece in NPR titled, “The first national strategy for fighting antisemitism is finally here. What’s in it?” Spoiler alert: it is not about fighting antisemitism or any other sort of racism; it is a strategy to silence Palestinian voices in the U.S. in the service of Israel. The article starts with an outline of the Biden administration’s commitment to fighting Antisemitism. It then quotes the president, who referred to the plan as the “most ambitious and comprehensive U.S. government-led effort to fight antisemitism in American history.”

American Officials Are Trying To Change The Definition Of Antisemitism

In what must be an alarming surge of antisemitism, the council of Montgomery County, Maryland, is planning a vote to adopt a new definition of antisemitism. But why is there a need for a new definition? Antisemitism is racism directed against Jews, pure and simple. So what is so wrong with this definition that Montgomery County feels the need to have a vote to adopt a new one? What is wrong in this county that requires this vote? The council issued a statement in July announcing that, The resolution, introduced by the Council and led by Councilmember Friedson, comes in response to the disturbing rise of antisemitism and acts of assault, vandalism and harassment against Jewish community members and Jewish organizations across the County and nation.” Even if it is true that there is a rise in antisemitism, a new definition will not help.

Revealed: ADL’s US-Israel Police Exchanges Militarize The Police

New York City, New York - A key facilitator of police exchange programs between the U.S. and Israel was forced to pause its programs following a nation-wide grassroots campaign, according to a leaked document and their own admission. Articles published today by The Guardian and Jewish Currents reveal a draft memo addressed to Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, written during the height of the Black-led uprisings in June 2020 sparked by the police murder of George Floyd. Entitled “Law Enforcement Trainings in Israel” and authored by senior staff at the ADL, the document details how the ADL, one of the main facilitators of police exchanges between the U.S. and Israel, was forced to acknowledge that its exchange program helped militarize U.S. police and harm communities of color.
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