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Medicare For All Rallies In 50 Cities

Why is the U.S. an outlier with regard to health care? What keeps the country from adopting a universal health care system, which most Americans have supported for many years now? And what exactly is Medicare for All? On the eve of scheduled marches and rallies in support of Medicare for All, led by various organizations such as the Sunrise Movement, Physicians for a National Health Program, the Democratic Socialists of America and concerned citizens throughout the country, the interview below with Peter S. Arno, a leading health expert, sheds light on some key questions about the state of health care in the United States.

ACT UP Protesters Reflect On AIDS Demonstrations 25 Years Ago

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez in SF Examiner - “When people with AIDS are under attack, what do we do? ACT UP! Fight back!” Twenty five years ago, the principal rallying cry of the AIDS virus protesters known as ACT UP rocked the sixth annual AIDS Conference in San Francisco. The protesters chanted, sang songs and engaged in civil disobedience for a week straight. ACT UP San Francisco is seen as a pivotal voice during the early days of the AIDS crisis, winning much public support to increase research funding, change medical processes and otherwise save the lives of those dying. “They hate us, there are no drugs, no one is doing anything, so we have to push things,” said Tim Kingston, a journalist at the time. Grief “was the motivating emotion.” Many demonstrators ended up dying from AIDS.
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