Challenge To AIM Pipeline Approval Goes To DC Circuit Court

By SAPE, -

By Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion. Washington, D.C.- Two and half years after asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to reverse its decision to permit construction of the [...]

Lockdown At Spectra AIM Construction Site At Hudson River Crossing

By Anne Meador, -

By Anne Meador for DC Media Group - Spectra commenced destruction after the 12 were taken and now is currently hammering IN the pipeline (as opposed to pulling it through) according to video of a [...]

Protesters Inside Pipeline Stop Spectra For 16 Hours

By Resist Spectra Staff, -

By Staff for Resist Spectra. At about 7 AM on October 10th, Indigenous People's Day, four water protectors crawled inside lengths of pipeline along the Hudson River to stop Spectra Energy from [...]

New Yorkers Erect Giant Tripod In Front Of AIM Pipeline Site -

By Nancy Vann for Resist AIM - New Yorkers engage in a daring, peaceful, civil disobedience to stop Spectra’s continuing pipeline construction Peekskill, NY—As part of an escalating peaceful [...]

Activists Lock Down On Pipeline Path, Need Support

By Resist AIM, -

By Tina Volz-Bongar for Resist AIM. Peekskill, NY - Just four days after 21 people were arrested for peacefully blockading the entrance to a Spectra Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Pipeline [...]

Algonquin Pipeline Endangers Communities Of Color

By Linda Snider, -

By Linda Snider for Black Westchester. Westchester, NY - In November, 2015, tree cutters and huge flatbed trucks began rolling through northern Westchester communities—Peekskill, Montrose, [...]

Blocking Access To Halt Construction Of Spectra’s AIM Gas Pipeline

By Courtney Williams, -

By Courtney Williams for Resist AIM - Buchanan, NY - Today at 6:30 AM, thirty people took action to stop the AIM pipeline from being built in Westchester by blocking access to two of Spectra [...]

ResistAIM Defenders Form Human Chain To Halt Drilling

By ResistAIM, -

By ResistAIM. Buchanan, NY 02-29-16 - Today at 6 AM, 26 people took action to stop the AIM pipeline from being built in Westchester and Rockland by blocking access for over an hour to Spectra [...]

Activists Halt Drilling For AIM Pipeline

By Erik Mc Gregor, -

By Erik Mc Gregor for ResistAIM Defenders - 11 arrests as Activists halt drilling for AIM Pipeline near Indian Point. ResistAIM Defenders chain themselves to Access Gate to Halt Hudson River [...]