Penguin Climate Activists Block Berlin Airport Opening

By Stay Grounded, Popular Resistance. -

Berlin - The climate justice group 'Am Boden bleiben', a member of the international Stay Grounded network, today blocks the opening of the new airport in Berlin with protest actions. The opening [...]

With Another Shutdown Looming, Flight Attendants Plan Demonstrations On February 16

By Sarah Jones, -

Congressional negotiators told Politico on Friday that they’re working on a deal that will prevent a second government shutdown on February 15. If they fail — or if President Trump again refuses [...]

Sickouts Spread, Impact Widens As US Shutdown Enters Fourth Week

By Rebecca Campbell, -

The impact of the longest government shutdown in US history continues to ripple across the economy as more than 800,000 federal workers and many thousands more government contractors try to cope [...]

Controversial AI ‘Lie Detectors’ Coming To EU Airports, Border Crossings

By Tyler Durden, -

Several European airports will deploy an AI-powered lie detector at border checkpoints in a trial run of the new technology, reports CNN.  When a passenger approaches customs, they will be asked [...]

Workers At 40 Airports Will Stage Demonstrations In October

By Will Lennon, -

On Tuesday, October 2, employee demonstrations organized by the Airport Workers United campaign will take place at over 40 airports in 13 countries. The demonstrations are intended to mobilize [...]

More Than 200 Protest Deportations At Gary Airport Under Eye Of Armed SWAT Officers

By Meredith Colias-Pete, -

For Richard Aguirre, protesting the deportations of people who have entered the country without permission from the Gary/Chicago International Airport was a natural extension of his work that [...]

Hundreds Of Workers Go On Strike At Reagan National & Dulles

By Nick Iannelli -

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of contracted airport service workers walked off the job Wednesday morning at Dulles International and Reagan National airports, speaking out against their employer and [...]

Trump Wants To Privatize Air Traffic Control. What Could Go Wrong?

By Shaun Richman, -

By Shaun Richman for In These Times - Promising “cheaper, faster and safer travel,” the Trump administration announced a plan this week to privatize the nation’s air traffic control system. The [...]

More Biometric Scanning Is Coming Soon To U.S. Airports

By Suzy Strutner, -

By Suzy Strutner for The Huffington Post - So the government is looking for a way ― probably using facial recognition, but potentially using eye scans or other measures too ― to verify which [...]

58% Increase In Electronic Device Searches On International Air Passengers In U.S.

By Mark Nensel, -

By Mark Nensel for ATW - US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) searched approximately 4,600 electronic devices, or 0.008%, of approximately 58 million incoming international air passengers and [...]

TSA Warns Police To Expect Complaints From New Intrusive Searches

By Justin Bachman, -

By Justin Bachman for Bloomberg - The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has declined to say exactly where—and how—employees will be touching air travelers as part of the more invasive [...]

U.S. Airport Pat-Downs Are About To Get More Invasive

By Justin Bachman, -

By Justin Bachman for The Spokeman-Review - While few have noticed, U.S. airport security workers long had the option of using five different types of physical pat-downs at the screening line. [...]

Border Agent Questioned Me About My Work For ACLU

By Hina Shamsi, -

By Hina Shamsi for ACLU - Last week, I was flying home from a work trip and faced Customs and Border Protection questioning unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in over 25 years of travel into [...]

New Travel Ban Is Against U.S. Citizens

By Shaun Bradley, -

By Shaun Bradley for Activist Post - As emotions intensify over Trump’s recent immigration ban, the State Department and IRS have quietly used it as a smokescreen to roll out a new policy that [...]

Fate Of Some Detained Immigrants At US Airports Remains Unclear

By Candice Bernd, -

By Candice Bernd for Truthout - "It's not a Muslim ban, but we were totally prepared," President Trump told reporters in the Oval Office over the weekend about his executive order barring foreign [...]

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