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Al-Aqsa Flood

Israel’s Other Defeat

Historically, wars unite Israelis. Not anymore. Not that Israelis do not agree with Benjamin Netanyahu’s war; they simply do not believe that the prime minister is the man who could win this supposedly existential fight. But Netanyahu’s war remains unwinnable simply because liberation wars, often conducted through guerrilla warfare tactics, are far more complicated than traditional combat. Nearly six months after the Israeli attack on Gaza, it has become clear that Palestinian resistance groups are durable and well-prepared for a much longer fight.

The Israeli Agricultural Industry: A Strategic Weakness

Since the beginning of the brutal war waged by the Zionist enemy on Gaza, the agricultural industry in the Zionist entity has witnessed a significant shortage of agricultural labor. The Israeli government issued a decree prohibiting Palestinian workers—some of whom work in the agricultural sector—from entering the Occupied Territories. This was accompanied by the departure of around 8,000 Thai workers from the Occupied Territories at the beginning of the war. This crisis posed a challenge for Zionist farmers, especially in the Gaza Envelope.

ZAKA: Israel’s Very Own ‘White Helmets’

ZAKA, the Israeli volunteer-based religious organization that gained notoriety for its role of collecting bodies after the events of 7 October, is once again under the spotlight. An explosive report by Haaretz last week exposed the group’s “cases of negligence, misinformation, and a fundraising campaign that used the dead as props.” More notably, the report provided new details suggesting ZAKA might not be a genuine volunteer organization, but rather a front for the Israeli army. It is believed to have played a part in concealing the truth that Israel caused the deaths of potentially hundreds of its own civilians in accordance with the Hannibal Directive.

How Yemen’s ‘Asabiyya’ Is Reshaping Geopolitics

Yemen’s Ansarallah resistance forces have made it very clear, right from the start, that they set up a blockade in the Bab el-Mandeb and the southern Red Sea only against Israeli-owned or destined shipping vessels. Their single objective was and remains to stop the Gaza genocide perpetrated by the Israeli biblical psychopathy. As a response to a morally-based call to end a human genocide, the United States, masters of the Global War Of Terror (italics mine), predictably re-designated Yemen’s Houthis as a “terrorist organization,” launched a serial bombardment of underground Ansarallah military installations (assuming US intel know where they are), and cobbled together a mini-coalition of the willing that includes its UK, Canadian, Australian, Dutch, and Bahraini vassals.
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