Alex Saab Defence Team Confident Of Achieving His Release

By Alex Saab Defence Team, Popular Resistance. -

Femi Falana, SAN, who heads up Alex Saab’s ECOWAS Defence commented “Contrary to some of the statements which have been made in the media, the legal process is far from over and His Excellency [...]

Cape Verde’s Top Court Approves Maduro Envoy’s Extradition To US

By Aaron Ross, Reuters. -

Praia - Cape Verde's highest court ruled on Tuesday that Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman who is wanted by U.S. authorities on charges of laundering money on behalf of Venezuela's government, [...]

Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab Fights Latest US Extradition Maneuvers

By Roger D. Harris, Popular Resistance. -

Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab remains defiant after over 14 months under US-ordered arrest in the African archipelago country of Cabo Verde. A special envoy of the Venezuelan government, he is [...]

Judicial Decision On Alex Saab’s Extradition Expected Next Week

By Daniela Jimenez, Orinoco Tribune. -

The Constitutional Court (TC) of Cape Verde scheduled a hearing on the constitutional appeal of the special envoy of Venezuela, Alex Saab Morán, for next August 13 at 9:00 a.m. Saab has been held [...]

Alex Saab Case Exposes Lawlessness Of The United States

By Victoria Torres, Orinoco Tribune. -

Dan Kovalik, lawyer, human rights activist and pacifist, asserted that “the story of Alex Saab is very important because it really exposes the lawlessness of the United States. The US put [...]

Prosecution Of Alex Saab Unjust, Illegal And Indefensible

By Ultimas Noticias, Orinoco Tribune. -

José António Dos Reis, former minister in Cape Verde, founder of the country’s Movement for Democracy (MPD) ruling political party, and close to the current government, harshly criticized Prime [...]

Delegation Visits Cabo Verde To #FreeAlexSaab As US Flaunts International Laws

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing The FOG. -

Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, who is a businessman born in Colombia, has been held for over a year now in the small African island nation of Cabo Verde at the request of the United States, [...]

US Abduction Of Venezuelan Diplomat, A Global Challenge

By Sara Flounders and Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. -

With the possible extradition of a Venezuelan diplomat to the US on bogus charges, an emergency human rights delegation organized by the International Campaign to Free Alex Saab was quickly [...]

US Compels Small African Country To Imprison Venezuelan Diplomat

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. -

Upon landing in Cabo Verde, Saab was forcibly removed from the plane, imprisoned, and held under torturous conditions. A year later, Saab, who is a lawfully appointed diplomatic agent of [...]

US Kidnaps Venezuelan Diplomat: Alex Saab’s Case

By Anya Parampil, The Grayzone. -

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with attorney Femi Falana about the shocking case of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, who has been kidnapped for the crime of violating illegal sanctions in [...]

Save Alex Saab

By Solidarity Center. -

U.S. authorities ordered his arrest, and Alex Saab was pulled off a plane on June 12, 2020, during a refuelling stop in the Republic of Cabo Verde, an island nation off Africa’s West [...]

#FreeAlexSaab Delegation: First Day In Cabo Verde

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. -

Sal Island, Cabo Verde - In their first full day in Cabo Verde, the emergency human rights delegation met with Saab’s lawyer and the Venezuelan ambassador, tried to meet with the local police [...]

US Trying To Extradite Diplomat For The ‘Crime’ Of Securing Food For The Hungry

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. -

Special envoy and ambassador to the African Union for Venezuela, Alex Saab, was on a humanitarian mission flying from Caracas to Iran to procure food and gasoline for the Venezuelan CLAP food [...]

New Developments In Alex Saab Case

By Jose Manuel Blanco Diaz (Red Radio VE), Orinoco Tribune. -

The plot around the kidnapping of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab in Cape Verde peaks, intensifies and continues to be a trending topic on Twitter, while the United States government [...]