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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

At Every Turn, US Politicians Hounded For Their Support For Israel

Incumbent US President Joe Biden has had to modify his entire campaign strategy in order to avoid frequent disruptions of campaign events by pro-Palestinian protesters. Lawmakers, from famous progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to ultra-conservative Andrew Ogles (who declared “kill them all” to a protester’s question about the murder of Palestinian children) have been equally hounded by the Palestine solidarity movement for not calling for an end to Israeli genocide in Gaza. 

Railroad Workers United: ‘We Would Never Concede Our Right To Strike’

In defending her votes — one to approve seven days of sick leave for railworkers and one to support the president’s bill to block the strike — Ocasio-Cortez states that she was acting on the wishes of Railroad Workers United (RWU) and other groups of railroad workers. She states in the interview, “When you look after the vote, folks like RWU were saying, ‘This is what we asked them to do.” Later she says, “Because, for example, with the rail vote, the only partners that I had leading up to that were railworkers. And if that’s what they asked us to do, then that’s what we did.” But Ocasio-Cortez is clouding the reality of the situation by referring to “the vote,” when in fact there were two separate and distinctive votes.

AOC And Pelosi’s Hilarious Climate Statements

ee Camp argues that AOC and Nancy Pelosi need to dive deeper, and disputes their claim that the United States is leading the world in climate action. America and other countries have not abided by any of the promises they gave at previous global climate summits while the planet heats up as predicted. By 2030, most people will not be talking about what happened in 2021, because current “leaders” will not be in office when that time rolls around and there will have been many more summits since then. Even though Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that “America is back” and a leader of climate action.

With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Americans Finally Have A Politician Who Agrees With Them About Taxes

MUCH OF THE U.S. political system was flummoxed two weeks ago when a brand new 29-year-old congressperson made a seemingly radical proposal on “60 Minutes.” Here’s what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said that wound everyone up: The U.S. should tax income over $10 million per year at a top rate of 60 or 70 percent. Republicans responded by shamelessly lying about what this meant, pretending that Ocasio-Cortez was advocating a tax rate of 70 percent on all income. Some older Democrats, such as House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, adopted the standard Democratic tactic of cowering in fear before a deceptive Republican onslaught, like abused dogs.

The Political Fraud Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’

The Democratic version of the Green New Deal is characterized by a massive political fraud. It includes various left-sounding rhetoric, but is entirely directed to and dependent upon the Democratic Party. Any serious measures to stop global warming, let alone assure a job and livable wage to everyone, would require a massive redistribution of wealth and the reallocation of trillions currently spent on US imperialism’s neo-colonial wars abroad.
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