France Vows ‘Symbolic Actions,’ No Apologies For Colonisation Of Algeria

By Adlène Meddi, Middle East Eye. -

On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron received a much anticipated report on France’s 132-year colonial rule of Algeria and the war that led to Algeria’s independence in 1962, as part of [...]

2019 Protests From North, West, East And Southern Africa

2019 had her fair share of protests from North, West, East and Southern Africa. The reasons for these protests were largely political, followed by economic and then demand for human rights in [...]

A New President Elected In Algeria Amid Large-Scale Popular Boycott

By Staff, -

On December 12, Algeria held the first presidential elections since the resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in April after massive protests were held demanding he step down. Following [...]

Social And Economic Woes Weigh Heavily On Algeria’s Future

By Khelaf Benhadda, -

The last eight months have seen the rise of a protest movement without precedent in the history of Algeria. Millions of citizens have taken to the streets, since February 2019, [...]

Algerian ‘Hirak’ Is Neither A Revolution Nor A Social Movement

By Imad Atoui, -

Debates about the ongoing Algerian movement called "Hirak" are still highly contested and unclear among political commentators. Political scientists find it difficult to identify, with clearly [...]

The Revolt Of The Fearless Generation

By Leïla Ouitis, -

When in early February Algeria’s ailing octogenarian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced his intention to run for the presidency for a fifth term, millions of Algerians took to the streets [...]

Labor In Algeria’s Revolt

By Rachid Malaoui, -

Algeria is in the midst of a historic popular uprising. Protests began in February of this year, as Algerians revolted against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s plans for a fifth term in office. [...]

Welcome To The New Algerian Revolution: An Interview With Hamza Hamouchene

By Omar Hassan, -

The mass protest movement started just a few days after Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s announcement of his intention to run for a fifth term as president. At first, the mobilisations were small and [...]

Algeria In Revolt: “We Woke Up And You Will Pay!”

By Hamza Hamouchene, -

The abdication of President Bouteflika is a historic victory for the Algerian people — but the struggle for a true democratic transition is far from over. What is happening in Algeria is truly [...]

The Force Of Peace In Algeria’s Protests

By the Christian Science Monitor. -

An iconic image of the 1960s shows a young American placing flowers in the barrels of soldiers’ rifles during protests against the Vietnam War. Such symbols of peace (“flower power”) helped turn [...]

Algeria: What’s Fuelling The Country’s Mass Protest Movement?

By Brahim Oumansour, -

President Bouteflika's decision to run for fifth term is only one cause of widespread public anger. Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s decision to run for a fifth presidential term - despite his poor health [...]

Protests Stop Shale Gas Extraction In Algeria

By Aomar Ouali, -

Algeria's prime minister announced Wednesday that plans to drill for the country's abundant shale gas reserves have been scrapped. The announcement in a television interview came in the wake [...]