US Militarism Toward China Is Part And Parcel Of American Hegemony

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report. -

The COVID-19 pandemic has not made the planet any safer from the threat of U.S. militarism. Nothing encapsulates the inhumanity of the U.S. social order more than the loss of tens of millions of [...]

Danny Sjursen: Fourth Of July Musings

By Danny Sjursen, -

Once again, this Fourth of July, Americans will celebrate — to the unwitting militarist racist tune that is the “Star Spangled Banner” — more than just the nation’s Independence Day. Though most [...]

US Trails World In Coronavirus Response And Almost Everything Else

By David Swanson, Let's Try Democracy -

Data from around the world on how nations are handling Coronavirus makes clear that, as in most things (this claim is documented below), the United States is exceptionally awful. Among wealthy [...]

American Exceptionalism And The Left’s China Double Standard

By Danny Haiphong, Black Alliance for Peace. -

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the contradictions of U.S. imperialism, including those that continue to render the American left politically isolated and ineffectual. China has found itself [...]

Coronavirus Shakes The Conceit Of ‘American Exceptionalism’

By Calvin Woodward, AP News. -

Washington, DC - What if the real “invisible enemy” is the enemy from within — America’s very institutions? When the coronavirus pandemic came from distant lands to the United States, it was [...]

Yellow Skin, White Masks

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report. -

In an op-ed published April 1st, former Democratic Party presidential candidate Andrew Yang commented on the increase in racist assaults against Asian-Americans occurring across the country in [...]

America First, COVID-19 Pandemic And Global Humanity

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD, Information Clearinghouse. -

The 21st century is an age of globalization. Crisis in one part of the world affects all the people of the Earth. We, the humanity, live in co-existence with the Nature of Things within the [...]

COVID-19: The Capitalist Emperor Has No Clothes

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

As the capitalist emperor strolls down the avenue of U.S. public opinion butt-naked but for the first time since the 1930s, more and more people are starting to realize that they were not crazy. [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Even The ICC Can’t Rein In American Exceptionalism

By Robert Scheer, -

In early March, senior judges in the international criminal court ruled that an investigation into the actions the U.S., Afghan and Taliban military committed in 2003 could take place, [...]

Coronavirus, Militarism And The End Of An Illusion

By the Black Alliance for Peace, Black Agenda Report. -

Coronavirus and second economic collapse in just ten years should finally put to rest the fairy-tale of U.S. Exceptionalism. Trump’s “Make America Great” and Obama’s “U.S. Exceptionalism” are [...]

How Fake ‘American Exceptionalism’ Hides Shame, Creates Stupidity & Dangerous Imperialism

By S. Brian Willson, Global Research -

The culture and nation-state of the United States of America are founded on the egregious and forceful dispossession of others. You might even call it an earlier version of fascism – [...]