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Dutch Police Smash Pro-Palestine Protest Camp

Riot police bulldozed barricades and temporarily detained 125 people to break up a pro-Palestine student protest at the University of Amsterdam in the early hours of 7 May, Reuters reported. Four of the protesters are still being held on charges of public violence and insulting an officer, while the remainder have been released. Organizers said they were “taking back this campus” in solidarity with Palestine and “in the spirit” of student protests that began in the US in response to Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Along with pro-Palestine demonstrators at universities in the US and Europe, the Dutch students are demanding the university boycott academics and businesses in Israel.

The Campaign For An Amsterdam Food Park

Why is Amsterdam, a city famous for its progressive culture, so determined to build a big-box distribution center on a 60-hectare plot of unspoiled land on the edge of the city? Despite the obvious downsides of the idea, politicians and city officials seem more eager to cater to the Amazon retailers of the world than to plan for climate disruption, a carbon-frugal economy, and wiser land use. The City seems poised to sell or lease the public’s crown jewels – land – on behalf of a world of economic growth, consumerism, and carbon emissions. Thanks to a spirited campaign by thousands of Amsterdam citizens, however, an alternative future for the land may yet materialize.

Amsterdam’s Most Beneficent Tourist Activity Is Fishing For Plastic

There's really nothing as exhilarating as taking in the sights and sounds of Amsterdam from the water aboard a scenic canal cruise. And in a city that champions inclusivity while boasting a concentric network of 17th century canals that spans 65 miles, there's naturally a cruise option for everyone. And we mean everyone: romantic candlelit dinner cruises, kid-friendly cruises, foodie cruises, booze cruises, comedic cruises, cannabis-fueled cruises, cruises that serve unlimited pancakes and, last but not least, cruises that involve plucking plastic garbage from waterways.

Amsterdam: Op De Valreep Defense

For three years Op De Valreep has created valuable infrastructure for people living in Amsterdam East and has provided opportunities to build community. Despite campaigns to legalize the space, the city of Amsterdam and the developer OCP are moving to evict the squatted community center. Supporters of “Op de Valreep” have constructed massive barricades to block the city government and the police from carrying out the eviction. The eviction is expected to occur on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014
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