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Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Mexico: The Way To The Possible New World

It is necessary to rethink our culture – in the very first place that part that refers to the relationship of the individual with others and with nature – to redesign the forms of societal organization, from the family to humanity, passing through and including community and nation.In the possible new world, consumption will have to regain its function of satisfying real needs, which is very different from the idea of consumption as the impulse driving development and accumulation of capital.  This confusion has resulted in cultural alienation and the destruction of the natural world and of human health. It is enough to cite the example of the spread of obesity and of diabetes, more lethal than all the coronaviruses together.  Our effort will have to be to apply ourselves to determining the correct qualitative and quantitative relationship between supply and demand for food.  The countryside should be reclaimed and repopulated.

AMLO Inaugurated: Promises Profound And Radical Transformation

AMLO has been a pragmatic center left politician but he seems to be turning into a populist left political leader promising a “profound and radical” transformation. His left government comes at a time when progressive governments are under attack by oligarchs and the United States. He  promised to turn his longtime slogan, “For the good of all, the poor first,” into "a principle of government” starting today. He described the transformation he seeks as "profound and radical, because it will end the corruption and impunity that impede Mexico’s rebirth.”

Mexico: The Popular Will Prevailed at the Polls!

Andrés Manuel López Obrador obtained more than 53% of the vote on July 1st, dealing a massive blow to the moribund PRI regime. López Obrador obtained more than 32 million votes, and according to the results of the PREP, the coalition “Juntos Haremos Historia” (Together We Will Make History) led by MORENA won the majority in both houses of Congress (deputies and senators). The PRI and the PAN have suffered a historic defeat. Even in their electoral strongholds, they were swept away by a wave of people fed up with all the corruption, impunity, violence — and especially the policies implemented for more than 30 years that promoted the loss of rights and the pillaging and destruction of the nation’s wealth and public enterprises.
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