Green MEPs And Activists Break Into Airbase Demanding Withdrawal Of US Nuclear Bombs

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Belgium - The Trump administration has withdrawn the US from the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty and both the US and Russia are building more nuclear weapons. A nuclear arms [...]

Physicians Work To Bring Back The Anti-Nuclear Movement

By Dahr Jamail, -

It is a move that many, including former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, believe has ignited a new nuclear arms race. This is because the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces [...]

Kings Bay Plowshares Anti-Nuclear Activists Prepare For Trial

By Melinda Tuhus, Between the Lines -

On April 4, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., seven Catholic activists carried out the 100th Plowshares protest action against nuclear weapons, this time [...]

4 Lessons For Climate Organizers From Anti-Nuclear Movement

By Will Lawrence, -

By Will Lawrence for Waging Nonviolence - I’m imagining an American social movement that defeats a dangerous form of energy through mass organizing, legal appeals and nonviolent direct action. In [...]

Jeremy Corbyn Joins Thousands In U.K. Anti-Nuclear Weapons Rally

By Roisin Davis, -

By Roisin Davis for Truth Dig - In what’s being hailed as Britain’s biggest anti-nuclear weapons rally in a generation, tens of thousands demonstrated on London’s streets Saturday to protest the [...]

White House Peace Vigil Will Keep Going, Activist Vows

By John Zangas, -

By John Zangas for DC Media Group - The future of the longest-running peace protest in the U.S. recently came into question when its co-founder, Concepcion Picciotto, passed away on January 25. [...]

Activist Who Held Vigil Outside White House For Decades, Dies

By Caitlin Gibson, -

By Caitlin Gibson for The Washington Post - Concepcion Picciotto, the protester who maintained a peace vigil outside the White House for more than three decades, a demonstration widely considered [...]

Eleven Arrested Stretching Yellow Caution Tape

By Seth Harrison, -

By Seth Harrison for The Nuclear Resister - Eleven anti-nuclear activists were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct after stretching yellow caution tape across the main entrance of New [...]

Atomic Reactor Restarted In Japan, Despite Public Opposition

By Beyond Nuclear, -

By Beyond Nuclear - A 30-year old nuclear reactor in Sendai, in southwestern Japan, began powering up on August 11, amid much controversy, local active volcanoes and nationwide, and even [...]

Mass Bike Ride On 70th Anniversary of Nagasaki & Hiroshima Bombings

By John Zangas, -

By John Zangas in DC Media Group - Former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson was among over 300 who met at the White House on Sunday, August 9, to embark on a bike ride around Washington, DC, exactly [...]

What Would A Nuclear Blast Look Like In Washington, DC?

By Staff, Global Zero, -

By Staff for Global Zero, Join Global Zero on the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Japan as we cycle what would be the edge of a “small” nuclear blast in downtown D.C. and call on [...]

Released From Prison, Anti-Nuclear Activist Nun Speaks Out

By Lisa De Bode, -

Megan Rice, an 85-year-old nun who broke into the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in 2012, along with fellow anti-nuclear activists Michael Walli and Gregory Boertje-Obed, [...]

16,000 Demonstrators Rally Against Restarting Japan Nuke Plant

By France24, -

Some 16,000 people rallied Tuesday in the Japanese capital against the government's plan to restart nuclear reactors, more than three years after the Fukushima disaster, Jiji Press said. It [...]

Nuclear Plant Depresses Property Values

By Chris Burrell, -

PLYMOUTH – Encouraged by a decision in the Massachusetts Land Court, anti-nuclear activists are forging ahead with a lawsuit, arguing that the Pilgrim nuclear station in Plymouth and its storage [...]

Peace Activists Roll Out Enormous Pink Scarves

By Creative Resistance, -

This article is from our associated project, Protesters (Wool Against Weapons, Action AWE) have unveiled a seven-mile “peace scarf” as part of a protest in Berkshire [...]

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