Whatever Happened To Americans’ Moral Compasss

By Robert Scheer, ScheerPost.com. -

The Vietnam War is one of many heinous stains on American history that to this day often is told through a revisionist lens or outright ignored. Yet the truth remains beneath the layers of [...]

The Return Of The Anti-Antiwar Left

By James W. Carden, Counterpunch. -

In the writings of Dreyfuss, The New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg, Mother Jones’ David Corn, The Atlantic’s Franklin Foer, New York magazine’s resident dolt Jonathan Chait, and many more [...]

US War Against Mexico: Prelude To Empire

By  Danny Sjursen, Future of Freedom. -

The 1846 U.S. invasion of Mexico — popularly, if misleadingly, dubbed the Mexican-American War — must rate as an acute pivot point in the young nation’s history. The Mexican-American War, seen [...]

UNAC 2020 Conference Aims To Unite The Antiwar Movement!

By Scott Williams, Workers.org -

With protesters marching in hundreds of cities around the world against the U.S. empire’s war plans against Iran and Iraq, including millions in Baghdad, the need for a unified anti-imperialist [...]

U.S. Anti-War Movement Should Stay Focused On Getting U.S. Out Of Syria

By Sara Flounders, Workers.org -

When forces in U.S. ruling circles contend with and denounce each other to justify foreign intervention — as is currently happening in reaction to the announced U.S. pullback from the Kurdish [...]

The Antiwar Movement No One Can See

By Allegra Harpootlian, Tomdispatch.com -

When Donald Trump entered the Oval Office in January 2017, Americans took to the streets all across the country to protest their instantly endangered rights. Conspicuously absent from the [...]

Uniting To Protect Venezuela And Stop The US War Machine

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The US-led coup attempt in Venezuela continues to falter as the US admits the opposition is selfish and divided. Juan Guaido was exposed as relying on Tarot Cards and an astrologer to determine [...]

America Needs a Permanent Anti-war Movement

By Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic -

The best insurance against a catastrophic war of choice, now and going forward, is a permanent anti-war movement that opposes all illegal or imprudent wars, insisting on public debates and [...]

US Empire Is Failing, Time To Change Course

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The Pentagon and elites who profit from war are trapped in a devastating cycle that will bring greater insecurity to the world and risks another world war, including a nuclear war. This makes the [...]

Peace Congress Replaces Trump Military Parade on November 10 In Washington, DC

By No Trump Military Parade/Peace Congress, Popular Resistance -

The No Trump Military Parade coalition of 250 organizations is holding a Peace Congress in place of the Trump Military Parade, which they helped to stop. In a historic show of opposition to the [...]

Military Parade Cancelled, How Does Peace Movement Build On This Victory?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

This week, the Trump military parade, planned for November 10, was canceled for 2018. In February, a coalition of groups went public, announcing we would organize to stop the military parade and, [...]

Bannering Against War in Baltimore

By Richard Ochs, Popular Resistance -

At 4:30 PM, when the bosses left work early to beat the rush to the northwest Baltimore suburbs, there were few waves and honks at our banner “Israel Stop Killing Protesters.” Neither were there [...]

All Out For Antiwar Actions This Weekend

By UNAC administrative committee, Popular Resistance -

Trump has tweeted, “Russia get ready.”  He promises a missile attack on Syria. Russia says it will shoot down any missiles and target their source.  U.S. and Russian ships have moved into the [...]

Judge Intervenes After FBI Stonewalls Documentary Film Maker

By Britain Eakin, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Britain Eakin for Mint Press News - WASHINGTON – A federal judge hastened completion of a documentary decades in the making about the FBI’s role in the Vietnam anti-war movement Thursday by [...]

While Senators Briefed On North Korea Protesters Hold Their Ground

By Anne Meador, www.dcmediagroup.us -

By Anne Meador of DC Media Group. In recent weeks, North Korean ballistic missile tests have led Trump to threaten and insult the country and its leader and send three aircraft carrier groups [...]

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