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Anti-War Groups Protest 60th Annual Munich Security Conference

On Saturday, February 17, thousands of people marched in downtown Munich protesting the 60th annual Munich Security Conference (MSC) held in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof from February 16 to 18. Activists from communist and leftist groups, including the German Communist Party (DKP), Die Linke, Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ), Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD), and other anti-imperialist organizations joined the protest raising banners that read “Warmongers unwanted.” They condemned the MSC 2024 as a gathering of “NATO warlords under the leadership of the United States,” under the guise of debating international security policy.

New National Labor Network Formed To Expand Support For A Ceasefire

Seven national unions and over two hundred local unions today announce the formation of the National Labor Network for Ceasefire (NLNC) to “end the death and devastation” in the Middle East, and to expand support for the ceasefire among unions nationally. Together, unions calling for a ceasefire represent over 9 million union members – more than half the labor movement in the United States. The NLNC launch comes on the heels of a statement calling for a ceasefire released by the AFL-CIO last week - the largest federation of unions in the United States. The NLNC is launching their website ( with a call for unions and union members to sign the ceasefire letter to continue expanding labor’s ceasefire movement.

US Anti-War Activists Confront Senators Over Support For Israel

On February 7, activists with feminist anti-war group CODEPINK confronted several US Senators who have been doubling down on their support for Israel throughout the ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip. “Killing Hamas makes Israel safe,” said Florida Senator Ted Cruz to an activist who told him that “the war does not make Jews safer.” Cruz has received over one million dollars from the pro-Israel lobby since 1990, receiving USD 489,419 from 2019 to 2024. Cruz’s top pro-Israel Political Action Committee (PAC) donors are the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Republican Jewish Coalition. “Killing 30,000 civilians doesn’t make anyone safe,” the activist responds.

National Week Of Action: Stop US/Israeli Genocide In Gaza!

The U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN), the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR), and National Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) call for a week of action against the U.S./Israeli genocide in Gaza from February 5 to 11. The call for the week of actions comes at a time when President Biden states the U.S. is going to step up its military intervention in the Middle East. A statement from the groups initiating the week of protests states, “The people of Palestine are fighting for their liberation and the people of Yemen are standing with them. The U.S. government is sending billions in military aid to Israel and bombing Yemen. We will never be silent.

Black Pastors Pressure Biden To Call For A Cease-Fire In Gaza

As the Israel-Hamas war enters its fourth month, a coalition of Black faith leaders is pressuring the Biden administration to push for a cease-fire — a campaign spurred in part by their parishioners, who are increasingly distressed by the suffering of Palestinians and critical of the president’s response to it. More than 1,000 Black pastors representing hundreds of thousands of congregants nationwide have issued the demand. In sit-down meetings with White House officials, and through open letters and advertisements, ministers have made a moral case for President Biden and his administration to press Israel to stop its offensive operations in Gaza, which have killed thousands of civilians.

Everywhere He Goes, Biden Is Haunted By The Martyrs Of Gaza

Biden is disrupted on the campaign trail at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina by protesters shouting “ceasefire now!” and later gets on a flight to the Dallas airport, where more protesters are waiting for him. Biden’s speech at a Virginia campaign event is interrupted thirteen separate times, and as he leaves his motorcade is met with more protests. Biden, who brands himself as the “most pro-union president” is called out by union workers for his support for the genocide in Gaza as he is receiving the endorsement of one of the largest unions in the country. Biden’s staff attempt to hold a “morale-boosting party” as their boss’s approval rating tanks and more and more men, women, and children in Gaza die from US-made bombs, only to be yelled at by protesters shouting “quit your job!”

Korean Movements Demand: South Korea, Stop Arming Israel!

On January 19, 150 people protested in front of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) office in the city of Daejeon, demanding the South Korean government stop arming Israel. While Palestine may seem like a distant conflict to South Koreans, the South Korean military-industrial complex is a key pillar in the Israeli war machine. According to Peace Momo, Hanwha, South Korea’s leading defense company, signed a major technology cooperation and export deal with Israeli weapons company, Elbit Systems, at the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX) in 2021.

Pro-Palestine Protesters Block Israeli Ship From Port Of Melbourne

Around 4,000 pro-Palestine protesters in Australia's Melbourne rallied on Saturday and Sunday for the 15th week in a row, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and blocking a major freight terminal. The protest came amid an ongoing blockade of an Israeli ship at the city dock. The blockade at the Port of Melbourne has been ongoing for over two days, starting on Friday, and has prevented an Israeli-owned ship from being unloaded. It resulted in four cargo ships being stranded along with 30,000 containers. Mohammed Helmy, one of the protest organisers, told Middle East Eye that the protest and blockade has been effective so far and is intended to pressure the government to take action on the atrocities unfolding in Gaza as a result of Israeli aggression.

150 Mennonites Arrested At Capitol For Demanding Gaza Cease-Fire

The faith-based pro-Palestinian rights group Mennonite Action on Tuesday reported that 150 members and supporters were arrested by U.S. Capitol Police for holding a peaceful occupation of the Cannon House Office Building, demanding a cease-fire in Gaza. The group displayed signs reading, "Mennonites for a Cease-fire" and, "Let Gaza Live" as they sang hymns and other songs from a "cease-fire songbook" organizers had distributed. On its Facebook page about two hours after the peace action began, Mennonite Action reported that "all Mennonites in the Cannon building have been placed in police custody, singing hymns through their arrest."

London: 200,000 Protesters March Against Israel’s War On Gaza

Around 200,000 protesters marched across central London on Saturday to protest against Israel’s continuing assault on Gaza and the U.K. government’s involvement in arming, funding, and providing diplomatic cover to Israel. The national demonstration, which coincided with a day of action in other cities around the world, saw around 1,700 police officers put into action. The massive demonstration comes as the U.K. joined a U.S. bombing campaign against the Houthi (Ansar Allah) rebels in Yemen in retaliation for their sustained blockade of ships in the Red Sea destined for Israeli ports.

Hundreds Protest Gaza War At Oakland Port

A large crowd of protesters who denounced Israel's military actions in Gaza were trying to shut down the Port of Oakland on Saturday morning. Hundreds of people blocked the entrance to the port, which they say is used to ship military equipment to Israel. The crowd gathered before dawn, trying to prevent port workers from getting to their jobs. "We need to stop U.S. aid to Israel," said Lara Kiswani, executive director of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center. "We absolutely will not allow our own port to be complicit in this genocide by allowing the transport of arms and military equipment to Israel." Protesters expect a ship carrying military technology to arrive at the port after delivering resources to Israel.

Seattle Shuts Down I-5 To Say No Business As Usual During Genocide!

Seattle, WA – On Saturday, January 6, around 1000 activists and community members joined together for a rally and march that began at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery on Seattle in Capitol Hill. Starbucks has continued to attack its workers organizing unions across the company and attacked Starbucks Workers United for showing solidarity with the people of Palestine. In a rousing speech, organizers condemned the union busting activities of Starbucks and the role corporate America plays in supporting the U.S.-back Israeli genocide of Palestinians. However, they also made it clear that this movement’s primary focus should be on the weapons manufacturers, politicians, and others that materially fund the ongoing attack on Gaza – and to shut down business as usual until Palestine is free.

We Can End Mass Atrocities In Gaza And Beyond

In the past few weeks, the number of innocent Palestinian civilians killed in attacks by the Israeli government has reached unprecedented levels. Both a majority of people around the world and a majority of governments oppose the mass atrocities against civilians in Gaza. Why is this common-sense view not translated into action that stops these international crimes? And what can normal people do to end atrocities in Gaza and elsewhere? Before answering these questions, I would like to start from my personal experience on the day this last round of violence started.

Palestinians, Supporters Demand City Council Call For Cease-Fire

Charleston, West Virginia - Over 200 Palestinian and pro-Palestine activists packed a City Council meeting in Charleston, West Virginia’s capital, on Jan. 3. The crowd attended the meeting in anticipation of a vote regarding a cease-fire resolution previously proposed by progressive City Councilmember Joe Solomon, with the support of Palestinian constituents. Solomon, the only Jewish member of the 26-member City Council, is an outspoken opponent of the ongoing genocide in occupied Palestine. The purpose of the resolution was to pressure the U.S. Congress to stop funding the continuous murder of Palestinian people.

South Africa Emerges As Moral Giant On Gaza

The collective West will forever stand disgraced and exposed due to its blind support of Israel’s genocidal slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza since Oct. 7. What passes for governance in Washington, Berlin, Paris, London et al. has forced us all to bear witness to infanticide, high crimes and war crimes without end these past few months. Said crimes have been committed not in the name of self-defence but rather in the name of ethno-nationalism, settler-colonialism and white supremacy. Israel’s ability to act with impunity is a feature of the innocence it has claimed to enjoy as the national home of a Jewish people whom Hitler marked out for extermination in a European Judeocide that ranks as a crime of the ages.
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