Re-Centering Anti-War And Anti-Imperialism As Working Class Issues

By Black Alliance for Peace. -

Today is the day that the multi-national, multi-racial working classes express solidarity with all those who labor, who have nothing but their labor power to sell in order to eke out a living for [...]

America’s Growing Military Footprint Is Sparking An Anti War Resurgence

By Cameron Orr, -

Trump’s new discretionary budget will shovel 61 percent of the country’s social oxygen into the Pentagon’s fiery furnace. That’s $727 billion worth of schools, libraries, green jobs and [...]

Come Out For #SpringAgainstWar, April 14-15, Everywhere

By Marc Eliot Stein, -

A coalition of peace and social justice groups is calling for a set of major protest actions on the weekend of April 14 and 15, everywhere from large cities like New York, Oakland, Washington DC, [...]

Bond Denied For Kings Bay Plowshares Activists

By Staff, -

Seven Catholic plowshares activists were arrested early Thursday morning, April 5 at the Kings Bay Naval Base in St. Mary’s, Georgia. They entered the base late in the evening of April 4, 2018 in [...]

If We Want To Support Refugees, We Need To End The Wars That Create Them

By Azadeh Shahshahani and Maha Hilal, -

The concept of sanctuary, providing refuge and protection to people who are marginalized and oppressed, has a long history in the United States—even when the United States itself is responsible [...]

Join CODEPINK’s Week of Action To Divest From War Machine February 5-11, 2018

By Staff, -

UFPJ along with many of our members groups have joined the Coalition to Divest from the War Machine and are preparing to be part of CODEPINK’s week of action, February 5-11. The War Machine [...]

Lesson From Conference Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases

By Will Griffin, -

This past weekend I attended a historic groundbreaking conference in Baltimore, organized by the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases. This conference adds a new element to the anti-war [...]

Israeli Teens: ‘We Refuse To Enlist Out Of Commitment To Peace’

By Haggai Matar, -

Sixty-three Israeli teenagers have published an open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday, declaring their refusal to join the Israeli army due to their opposition to the [...]

Kathy Kelly Says Let Yemenis Live

By Kathy Kelly, -

On May 2, 2017, before becoming Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, as Minister of Defense, spoke about the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen, a war he orchestrated since March of [...]

The Antiwar Movement Then & Now

By Staff, -

By Staff of Vietnam Full Disclosure - It is offered—not in expectation of agreement—but to provoke a serious discussion about the current state of antiwar politics. Burns and Novick in their PBS [...]

United Against War And White Supremacy: Korean Americans Speak Out

By Staff, -

By Staff of Zoom in Korea - Donald Trump recently responded to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s mention of direct communication channels with North Korea by tweeting, “I told Rex Tillerson, our [...]

Holding Out A Vision For Solutions Not Endless War

By Will Griffin, -

By Will Griffin for Veterans For Peace - Economic conversion, defense conversion, or arms conversion, is a technical, economic and political process for moving from military to civilian [...]

Armistice Day

By Staff, -

By Staff of Veterans for Peace - Veterans For Peace calls on all members and all peace-loving people to take a stand for peace this Armistice (aka Veterans Day), Saturday November 11. We call for [...]

Anti-war Nuns Carry Message Of Nuclear Disarmament

By Debbie Kelley, -

By Debbie Kelley for The Gazette - The sisters also will hold free public presentations: at noon Oct. 9 at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in the Kraemer Family Library; at 7 p.m. [...]

Armistice Day 99 Years On And The Need For Peace

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for World Beyond Wars - Believe it or not, November 11th was not made a holiday in order to celebrate war, support troops, cheer the 17th year of occupying Afghanistan, thank [...]

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