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Presbyterian Church (USA) Votes To Divest From Israel Bonds

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted Monday (July 1) to divest from Israel bonds and begin the process of encouraging two companies it believes are contributing to human rights abuses against Palestinians in the occupied territories to quit their practices. Both votes were wrapped up in other legislation that passed unanimously as part of the biennial gathering of the denomination meeting online and in person in Salt Lake City, Utah (June 30 to July 4). The Presbyterian Church (USA), with about 8,800 churches and 1 million members, is the largest Presbyterian denomination in the U.S. It has been sharply critical of Israel and its policies over Palestinians for decades.

Anti-Zionist Historian Ilan Pappé Detained By FBI

In what one observer called “a whole new level of insanity and paranoia,” renowned Israeli historian and professor Ilan Pappé — a staunch critic of Zionism — was detained and interrogated this week by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents as he entered the United States at Detroit’s airport. In a Wednesday Facebook post, Pappé said that he was questioned by F.B.I. agents for two hours after arriving at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on Monday. He wrote: “The two-men team were not abusive or rude, I should say, but their questions were really out of the world! Am I a Hamas supporter? Do I regard the Israeli actions in Gaza a genocide? What is the solution to the ‘conflict’ (seriously this is what they asked!) Who are my Arab and Muslim friends in America… What kind of relationship [do] I have with them?”

How A New Generation Is Divesting From Israeli Apartheid

“Not in our name” has been a rallying cry for Jewish demonstrators across the world during this most brutal of episodes of Israeli state violence against Palestinians, and for good reason. The Israeli regime and aligned governments regularly invoke the safety of the Jewish people as a rationale for the unbridled violence perpetrated against Palestinians, leveraging the legacy of the holocaust and antisemitism to generate impunity for the Israeli political elite.

New Yorkers Are Speaking Out For Palestinian Liberation

Never have I seen so many mass mobilizations in the United States in support of Palestinian sovereignty and liberation, as I have in the last five months. New York City, in particular, has seen actions and demonstrations almost daily since October. As someone who grew up in New York, I never could have imagined witnessing this massive outpouring of support for Palestinian liberation and demonstrations against the atrocities carried out by the State of Israel against Palestinians. Even though New York is home to many radical political movements and has historically been home to some of the country’s leading thinkers and organizers from the Left, including many vocal anti-Zionist Jews.
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