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Animal Pharma Industry Resists Curbing Overuse Of Antibiotics

Two years after landmark European Union legislation designed to curb the overuse of antibiotics on farms came into force, new analysis from DeSmog reveals eight key narratives the veterinary medicine and farming lobbies deploy to defend the billion-dollar market for the drugs. Aiming to combat the emergence of deadly treatment-resistant bacteria in humans, known in medical jargon as “antimicrobial resistance,” or AMR, the new rules are the world’s most rigorous legislation governing farm antibiotics. The regulations banned the “routine” use of antibiotics on farms for whole herds of healthy animals, including outlawing the practice of using antibiotics to compensate for illnesses caused by poor animal welfare and hygiene.

Antibiotics Off The Menu Message Delivered To Millions

By Staff of Consumers International - Using the campaigning tool Thunderclap in English and Spanish, our message “McDonald’s, KFC & Subway: Help tackle #antibioticresistance health crisis – get #AntibioticsOffTheMenu” has been posted and shared on Facebook and Twitter by hundreds of people. Over 75 CI Members in 60 countries are carrying out their own national campaign activities to mark the day across the world, which you can view on the WCRD 2016 map.

Factory Farming Divestment: What You Need To Know

By Tom Levitt for The Guardian - The fast food chain Subway is latest to join the backlash against antibiotic use in the farm sector. It has launched a new chicken sandwich in the US made with meat from animals raised without antibiotics. The move is a sign of the growing consumer and business interest in the welfare and environmental impact of animals reared for meat, dairy and eggs, with most of the blame directed at intensive, factory-style farms. Hoping to echo the success of the fossil fuel divestment movement (which has seen more than 400 institutions commit to pulling money from coal, oil and gas companies to tackle climate change)...
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