The Anti-Capitalist Politics Of Antifa

By Stephanie Basile, -

By Stephanie Basile for Counter Punch - As antifa has burst into the mainstream in recent weeks, suddenly the efficacy of confronting Nazis in the streets is being debated on the national stage. [...]

Towards A New Anti-Capitalist Politics

By Jerome Roos, -

Jerome Roos for ROAR Magazine - Humanity finds itself at an inflexion point. On the one hand, global capitalism is producing and aggravating a series of existential crises that may well undermine [...]

Radicalized: A Revolutionary Documentary Film

By Patti Beers, -

By Patti Beers in The AntiMedia. Los Angeles, CA - On October 1, 2011 I showed up for the revolution. That summer, I had been watching the Young Turks on Youtube and had come to the conclusion [...]