Can Antifa Build an Effective Broad-Based Anti-Fascist Movement?

By Sue Curry Jansen and Brian Martin, Waging Nonviolence -

The book is an informed and revealing, yet one-sided, account of efforts against fascism. What it omits is a sustained discussion of strategy to counter fascism by any means except using force to [...]

The Importance Of Antifa In Confronting Fascism

By Mark Bray, -

Before analyzing anti-fascism, we must first briefly examine fascism. More than perhaps any other mode of politics, fascism is notoriously difficult to pin down. The challenge of defining fascism [...]

The Front Lines Of Antifascism In Eastern Germany

By Morgan Meaker, -

By Morgan Meaker for Pacific Standard - A shy grin spreads across Maximillian's face as he stretches out his arm to show where he was bitten by a Nazi. A faint, teeth-shaped scar marks where the [...]

The Anti-Capitalist Politics Of Antifa

By Stephanie Basile, -

By Stephanie Basile for Counter Punch - As antifa has burst into the mainstream in recent weeks, suddenly the efficacy of confronting Nazis in the streets is being debated on the national stage. [...]

Is Violence The Way To Fight Racism?

By Peter Singer, -

By Peter Singer for Project Syndicate. PRINCETON, NJ – Should rallies by neo-Nazis and white supremacists be met with violence? That question was raised by the tragic events in [...]

How Low Will Fracking Go & If You Don’t Like Antifa, Watch This

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy - This week on Act Out! we head to Camp White Pine to get you an update on the latest in the fight against the Mariner East 2 Pipeline and Energy Transfer [...]

Noam Chomsky: AntiFa Is ‘A Major Gift To The Right’

By Maya Oppenheim, -

By Maya Oppenheim for The Independent. Noam Chomsky has criticised the anti-fascist movement and argued its actions are wrong in principle and it is a “major gift to the right”. The eminent [...]

Nazis, IS, Antifa, The YPG, Democratic Landlords, & The Spanish Civil War

By David Rovics, -

By David Rovics in Songwriter's Notebook. The Spanish Civil War has been discussed in the media more in the past few weeks than I can remember in my lifetime. The media has said more nice things [...]

Rumors Of KKK March Lead To Rapid Mobilization In Durham

By Staff, -

By WRAL. Durham, NC - 11:25 a.m.: In a recorded message to employees, Durham County closed office buildings and sent workers home early on Friday. All employees were instructed to leave for [...]

For Media, Driving Into A Crowd Of Protesters Is A ‘Clash’

By Adam Johnson, -

By Adam Johnson for FAIR. The Washington Post, Boston Globe, AOL News, The Hill, BBCand Sky News UK all chose to frame the ramming of a car into anti-fascist protesters as “clashes.” The BBC’s [...]