Antitrust Is Back In The United States

By Eric Posner, Public Syndicate. -

Chicago – President Joe Biden is signaling that his administration will get tough on monopoly. With the appointments of Columbia University law professors Timothy Wu to the White House National [...]

50 Attorneys General Launch Antitrust Investigation Into Google

By Harper Neidig, -

A coalition of 50 attorneys general will be investigating Google for potential violations of antitrust law, a step that could potentially lead to a broad legal challenge to the company’s market [...]

Economic Democracy: Remaking The Economy Into ‘Our’ Economy

By Marshall Steinbaum, Eric Harris Bernstein, John Sturm, the Roosevelt Institute -

We need economic democracy. As workers, as consumers, and as citizens, Americans are increasingly powerless in today’s economy. A 40-year assault on antitrust and competition policy—the laws and [...]