What Will It Take To Transform Canada’s Foreign Policy For The Better?

By Bianca Mugyenyi,, Canadian Dimension. -

This Thursday will mark one year since Canada was defeated in its bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. The Trudeau government’s loss marked a rejection of its pro-Washington, [...]

The Antiwar Movement Must Not Go Back To Sleep During The Biden Presidency

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

On Saturday, members of the administrative committee of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), on which I serve, spoke on a webinar about the importance of building and strengthening the [...]

How The West Violates International Law By Using ‘Humanitarian’ Intervention’

By John Rachel, Popular Resistance. -

Dan Kovalik has packed this readable and well-researched work with an abundance of invaluable information and insight into the imperial war machine, the imperial diplomatic and PR juggernaut, the [...]

Building The New Antiwar Movement

By Russell Rickford, Blackagendareport.com  -

Is a genuine antiwar movement reemerging in the U.S., the citadel of military worship? Will we witness the revival of an anti-imperialist bloc, a cohort of Americans who take a principled stand [...]

War Is An Enormous Threat To The Climate Movement

By Sarah Lazare, In These Times. -

In Australia, unprecedented bushfires tore across a total area the size of Virginia, killing at least 29 people and an estimated one billion animals, and destroying 2,000 homes. The news was [...]

War With Iran Averted, For Now. US Out Of The Middle East

By Patrick T. Hiller, PeaceVoice -

In the wake of the assassination of Iranian military leader Major General Qasem Soleimani and nine other people by a U.S. drone strike in Iraq, tensions between the United States and Iran are at [...]

Great Antiwar Analyst and Writer Justin Raimondo Dies

From Staff, Antiwar.com -

Justin Raimondo, former editorial director and co-founder of Antiwar.com, is dead at 67. He died at his home in Sebastopol, California, with his husband, Yoshinori Abe, by his side. He had been [...]

Whom Will We Honor Memorial Day?

By Howard Zinn. 1976, Zinn Education Project -

Memorial Day: No politician who voted funds for war, no business contractor for the military, no general who ordered young men into battle, no FBI man who spied on anti-war activities, should be [...]

We Can Imagine And Create A World Without Military Enemies And Wars

By Robert C. Koehler, Common Wonders -

Something jolted me into a new level of shock and awe, you might say, about the deep state apparatus that controls the national direction. There’s nothing in this controlling consciousness [...]

Women’s March On The Pentagon Puts The ‘Pro’ Back In ‘Protest’

By Cindy Sheehan, Women's March on the Pentagon -

We are planning to march on the Pentagon. The Pentagon is not a typical target because many activists are afraid of offending the military despite recognizing that the US military is the largest [...]

Six Arrested At Protest Against Hanscom Role In Nuclear War Preparations

By Michelle Cunha, Massachusetts Peace Action   -

Six peace activists were arrested on May 27, 2018, at the gate of Hanscom Air Force Base as they protested the role of the base in nuclear war planning. Hanscom is the location of the Program [...]

Protests Against Syrian Attack and US Militarism Continue

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Protests continued against the US attack on Syria and on US militarism and war. A large protest was held in New York City as can be seen in the tweet report below. The focus of the protests [...]

Protests Against US Militarism And Attack On Syria

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Protests were held on Saturday, April 14, across the United States and in some countries around the world against US militarism. The protests had a special focus on the US aerial attack of Syria [...]