Truth And Justice: Green’s Trailblazing World Peace Platform

By Lauren Smith, Popular Resistance. -

The Green Party believes that economic development is only environmentally sustainable globally when it’s rooted democratically in social and economic justice. As a superpower, our government’s [...]

Dual Paths in Dark Times: Despair Or Hope For Antiwar Dreamers

By Danny Sjursen, -

Two futures lie before us. Like the classic visions of late-Old Testament prophets, contemporary observers – perhaps voyeurs – of U.S. national security policy can, at this precipice of pandemic, [...]

A GI Rebellion: When Soldiers Said No To War

By Steve Early, BeyondChron -

As we approach the 50th anniversary of both the Moratorium and Mobilization, it’s worth recalling one critical anti-war constituency whose role was less visible then and remains [...]

Susan Schnall Has Been Resisting War Since Dropping Antiwar Leaflets From A Plane

By Courage to Resist -

While on active duty, Lt. Susan Schnall dropped antiwar leaflets over five military installations and an aircraft carrier from a small plane, held a press conference, and lead a mass peace march [...]

Women’s March On The Pentagon Helps Rebuild Peace Movement

By Staff, Sputnik News -

A massive antiwar rally started on Sunday in national capitals’ closest suburb, a Sputnik correspondent reported. Hundreds of people participate in Women’s March on Pentagon rally to voice [...]

Long-Time Peace And Justice Activist David McReynolds Dies

By Staff, War Resisters League -

David McReynolds (1929-2018) died at 1:30 this morning, a day after being brought to Beth Israel ICU in Manhattan. David was on the WRL staff for almost 40 years (1960-1999), a long time member [...]