Government Sells Native Sacred Land To Mining Company

By Lee Camp, -

By Lee Camp for Redacted Tonight. As if leaving Native Americans with nothing but miniscule plots of reservation land and systemic brokenness wasn’t enough, now the white man is at it again- [...]

Apaches Rally At Capitol, Fighting For Sacred Oak Flat

By Dayana Morales Gomez and Julian Brave NoiseCat, -

By Dayana Morales Gomez and Julian Brave NoiseCat in The Huffington Post - Apache protesters completed their cross-country journey from the San Carlos reservation in Arizona to Washington, D.C., [...]

Save Oak Flat Campaign Aided By Historic Preservation Label

By Gale Courey Toensing, -

By Gale Courey Toensing in Indian Country Today Media Network - Legislation to save an Apache sacred site from destruction by an international mining company got a helping hand recently when the [...]

The Apache Stronghold Comes To Washington, DC

By Stephen Boyd, -

By Stephen Boyd in The Hill - The Apache are coming to Washington. They are coming to protect a public campground in Arizona known as Oak Flat, called in Apache, Chi’chil Bildagoteel. They come [...]

Apache Tribe Brings Battle For Oak Flat To Times Square

By Ellen Brait, -

By Ellen Brait in The Guardian - Members of the Apache tribe stood chanting in a circle with drums and posters in the center of New York’s Times Square on Friday, to protest against a bill that [...]

University Continues Appache Assault At Mount Graham

By Robin Silver, -

Under smokescreen cover of a admirable petition to help the Navajo protect their sacred San Francisco Peaks against a ski resort, the University of Arizona and its partners have secretly renewed [...]