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Arab World

When Arab Workers Stood Against Zionism

When the whole world is watching genocide taking place against a population of more than 2 million, only a few nations and entities decided to rise and challenge imperialism, Zionism, and reactionism. While reactionary regimes in the region are engulfed in fruitless discussions about the efficacy of boycotting products complicit in arming and funding the genocide, the Axis of Resistance  (Hezbollah, Yemen, and Islamic Resistance in Iraq) took it upon itself to target the economic and military capabilities of the Zionist Entity as a downright direct challenge against imperialism, Zionism, and reactionism in the region.

Biden’s Rhetoric Is Reigniting The Question Of Palestine

On the morning of Saturday, October 7, Israel’s military and intelligence brass were shocked by the breakdown of its southern division and defensive line in Gaza. Fearing this would escalate into a wider multi-front campaign involving Lebanon, among other possible geographies, they turned to the United States for support. President Biden readily extended military, intelligence, and logistical support to Israel. He was also happy to move NATO assets to the region to ensure that Iran and its allies remain deterred from interfering in the ensuing battle in the Gaza Strip. A policy that remains shaky at best. The U.S. appeared resolute in pursuing a diplomatic and military strategy aimed at undermining Hamas and disconnecting it from its extensive international and regional ties.

The Arab World’s Democratic Transition Has Kicked Off In Sarajevo

It is ironic that a conference on democracy in the Arab world could not be held in the capital of any Arab country, and was instead held in the capital of a politically-unstable Balkan state that itself remains vulnerable to separatist and ethnic intrigues. According to the Arab Council, its landmark conference “Democratic Transition in the Arab World: Roadmap” was held in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo because they “couldn’t locate any Arab capital willing to host a conference on the future of democracy in the region” and were unable to find “a single Arab city where advocates for democracy from various Arab countries and the Arab diaspora could gather without concerns about visas, entry denials or government pressure.”
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