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Ariel Henry

Haitian Community Defenders Fight US-Armed Death Squads

As the stars illuminate the dark alleyways of Solino, Ezayi’s heavy beige Timberlands stomp across the cracked concrete. He is on a mission. The night lookouts who stand guard at the western barricades against the marauding paramilitary gangs of the mass murderer Kempès Sanon do not have money to eat. When the night watchmen don’t eat during their shift, they get weak, drink kleren (moonshine) to trick their hunger and have a higher tendency to shirk their duties, or worse still, fall asleep. The enemy armed with modern weapons by the U.S. lurks around the corner.

Is Former De Facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry Now A De Facto Prisoner?

Ariel Henry, 74, once the king on Haiti’s chessboard, has now become a pawn of the U.S. in its increasingly desperate bid to send a proxy intervention force into the rebelling Caribbean nation. This is the picture Haïti Liberté has received from a well-placed source with intimate access into and knowledge of the U.S. government. Washington is now scrambling for way to send a “quick reaction force” into Haiti, and Ariel Henry remains one of their most important bargaining chips, the source says. After his chartered jet landed in Puerto Rico on Mar. 5, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) interrogated Henry for three days, according to our source.

The Haitian People Have Created A Revolutionary Moment

On March 11, de facto Haitian President Ariel Henry resigned after being unable to return from a trip to Kenya where he attempted to sign an agreement for military intervention in his country. Social movements shut down the airport in Port-au-Prince and neither the Dominican Republic nor the United States were willing to assist his return. Clearing the FOG speaks with journalist and filmmaker Kim Ives of Haiti Liberte, who has covered events in Haiti for decades. Ives says the current revolutionary moment is unprecedented and describes how the popular movement is organizing to wrest control from Western imperialists that have been occupying Haiti since the coup against President Aristide in 2004.

Kenya Halts Police Deployment To Haiti After Resignation Of Ariel Henry

Kenya has suspended a police deployment to Haiti to be part of a US- and UN-backed mission, shortly after the de facto prime minister and president of the Caribbean country, Ariel Henry, announced his decision to resign on March 11. Abraham Korir Sing’Oei, the principal secretary of Kenya’s foreign ministry, stated on March 12 that the deployment would be “contingent on the ground situation, and the critical ground situation is that there has to be an authority that can be the basis for a police deployment, that enjoys constitutional authority in Haiti”.

United States Suffers Humiliating Defeat In Haiti

With the resignation of interim Prime Minister Ariel Henry, the US has suffered another humiliating foreign policy defeat. Henry was never elected, yet was recognized as prime minister and de facto leader of Haiti by the US and its vassals since July 2021, when he was encouraged to take power by the Core Group. The Core Group is a shadowy imperialist cabal composed of representatives from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the European Union, Brazil, and the Organization of American States (OAS) that has attempted to run Haiti since 2004, when democratically elected and hugely popular Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was abducted in the middle of the night by US marines and flown to the Central African Republic.

Haiti’s Acting Prime Minister And President Ariel Henry Resigns

Ariel Henry, Haiti’s acting prime minister and president since July 2021, resigned from his post on Monday, March 11. The resignation of Henry was announced by Irfaan Ali, Guyanese President and Chair of CARICOM, in a press conference in Kingston, Jamaica on Monday. Ali also announced that a “transitional governance arrangement” had been achieved in order to restore “rule of law” and ensure a peaceful transition of power, security, and eventual elections. The announcement came as a result of an urgent meeting on the “multidimensional crisis in Haiti” convened by CARICOM.

Ariel Henry: An Itinerant Ex-Prime Minister Without A Country

Since arriving in New York from Nairobi, Kenya on Sat., Mar. 2, former de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry has been trying to get back to Haiti. But Haiti does not want him. He spent several days in Manhattan, but no commercial flights could fly him and his large entourage to Haiti because the Port-au-Prince airport was closed after gunfire hit an Avolon charter jet bound for Cuba on Thu., Feb. 29. (No one was injured, and the damage was minimal.) Over the weekend, Henry asked Washington to provide him with a military plane and soldiers to accompany him back to Haiti.

Flouting High Court, Haitian Outrage, US Storms Forward With Intervention

Just as it is opposing and trampling the International Court of Justice’s ruling against Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza, Washington is running roughshod over the Kenyan High Court’s Janurary 26 ruling that the East African nation’s police force cannot be deployed to Haiti under Kenya’s Constitution. The Court explained that, to be legal, Haiti would have to request a “bilateral” arrangement for deployment with Kenya, an apparent loophole that Washington and Kenya’s President William Ruto leapt for. At an Italy-Africa summit in Rome on January 30, Ruto declared that the mission would go ahead as soon as “all the paperwork is done between Kenya and Haiti on the bilateral route that has been suggested by the court.”
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