Arizona Teachers Oppose Union Sellout And Call For Nationwide Strike

By Will Marrow, -

Schools reopened across Arizona on Friday, as teachers returned to work following the betrayal of their courageous week-long strike by the unions, the American Federation of Teachers, the [...]

The Outcome In Arizona

By Eric Blanc, Jacobin Magazine. -

After an all-night encampment of striking educators, the Arizona state government passed a budget bill early this morning. To assess the strike and the settlement, Jacobin’s Eric Blanc spoke [...]

Making People’s History In Arizona: Educators Rise Up

By Sarah Giddings, -

My house has recently become muddled with protest signs, event flyers, red T-shirts, and simply, chaos. How it came to this point resides in the story of how I decided to volunteer to be a [...]

Arizona Strike Enters Second Week As Teacher Union President Opposes Calls For Nationwide Strike

By David Moore, -

On Monday, nearly 50,000 Arizona educators and supporters continued their walkout against underfunded schools and low pay for a third day. Although the teacher unions have done everything to [...]

Teachers In Arizona, Colorado Stage Mass Walkout For Better Pay

By Staff, -

Encouraged by similar protests in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky, organizers said the action would send a message to political leaders about their dissatisfaction. Tens of thousands [...]

Arizona Teachers Vote To Strike

By Jerry White, -

Teachers in the southwestern US state of Arizona have overwhelmingly voted to strike to demand improved wages for educators and support staff, and restore more than $1 billion in school funding [...]

Thousands Of Teachers And Staff On Strike Across Oklahoma And Kentucky, Arizona Might Be Next

By Ashley Curtin, -

Schools shut down on Monday as thousands of teachers and staff in Oklahoma walked out to protest the low wages, benefit cuts and lack of school funding. Leading up to the planned strike, Oklahoma [...]

Inspired By West Virginia, Teachers Spread Red For Ed Movement Across Arizona

By Rebecca Garelli, -

This all got started two Fridays ago, March 2. I had become friends with Jay O’Neal from West Virginia, who helped start the teachers and public employees Facebook group there, and he let me into [...]

Arizona Unconstitutionally Banned Mexican-American Studies Classes

By Roque Planas, -

By Roque Planas for The Huffington Post. PHOENIX ― A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the state of Arizona violated students’ rights by banning a Mexican-American studies program from Tucson [...]

Police Tear-Gas Demonstrators At Huge Anti-Trump Protest

By Julia Conley, -

By Julia Conley for Common Dreams - Contrary to Trump's claims that protests were small, many thousands showed up to peacefully condemn the president. Tensions soared and police ultimately [...]

IWW Miners Of Jerome & Bisbee Loaded Into Cattle Cars & Deported From State Of Arizona

By Janet Raye, -

By Janet Raye for We Never Forget - The above photograph shows more than 1000 working class men, mostly members of the Metal Mine Workers Industrial Union of the Industrial Workers of the World, [...]

Cost Of Cuts: Arizona Tax Carve-Outs Last Year Hit $13.7B

By Jim Small and Evan Wyloge, -

By Jim Small and Evan Wyloge for Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting - PHOENIX – Teachers who marched on the Capitol this past week in support of doubling the salary boost that lawmakers [...]

Arizona Utility Signs Game-Changing Deal Cutting Solar Power Prices In Half

By Joe Romm, -

By Joe Romm for Think Progress - Remarkable drops in the cost of solar and wind power have effectively turned the global power market upside down in recent years. We’ve seen prices for new solar [...]

Arizona GOP Kills Bill That Would’ve Treated Protesters Like Terrorists

By Brian Grenoble, -

By Brian Grenoble for The Huffington Post - “People need to know we are not about limiting people’s rights,” Arizona House Speaker J.D. Mesnard said. An Arizona bill that would have let the state [...]

Arizona Senate Votes To Seize Assets Of Associated With Protests

By Howard Fischer, -

By Howard Fischer for Arizona Capitol Times - Claiming people are being paid to riot, Republican state senators voted Wednesday to give police new power to arrest anyone who is involved in a [...]

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