Non-Black People Of Color Are Mobilizing To End Complicity In Black Death

By Jason Wu, Truthout. -

The complicity of an Asian American officer in the murder of George Floyd is forcing Asian American communities across the country to face the ongoing ways in which we have benefited from and [...]

Facing Down Bigotry—And A Pandemic

By Janice Li and Svante Myrick, Otherwords. -

The pandemic has laid bare racism against Asian communities that some might have thought was a thing of the past. That awareness will inform our policymaking in the future. Our network is in [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Power And Pain Of Being Asian American During The Coronavirus Crisis

By Robert Scheer, -

The coronavirus has turned everyone’s lives upside down, but at the same time Covid-19 threatens us all, Asian Americans have been subjected to another dangerous epidemic: racism. Since news of [...]

Yellow Skin, White Masks

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report. -

In an op-ed published April 1st, former Democratic Party presidential candidate Andrew Yang commented on the increase in racist assaults against Asian-Americans occurring across the country in [...]