Assange Ruling Is A Blow Against A Free Press – A Closer Look

By Mohamed Elmaazi, Jacobin Magazine. -

Judge Vanessa Baraitser’s decision to prevent Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States to face trial on espionage-related criminal charges is a partial victory for Assange, his family, [...]

UK Judge Justifies CIA Spying On Assange

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

The British judge ruling in the US government’s extradition case against journalist Julian Assange justified a CIA spying operation targeting both the WikiLeaks publisher and the Ecuadorian [...]

Police Arrest Several People Near Court After Assange’s Bail Denied

By Sputnik News. -

London - The police arrested several supporters of Assange who did not have press IDs and refused to disperse as the city is currently under a lockdown and public gatherings prohibited. Among the [...]

Julian Assange Is Denied Bail By London Court

By Paul Knaggs, Labour Heartlands. -

“I am satisfied there are substantial grounds for believing that if Mr Assange is released today he would fail to surrender to court to face the appeal proceedings,” Judge Vanessa Baraitser [...]

Assange’s Case Poses A Challenge To Biden’s DOJ If It Appeals Court’s Decision

By Ekaterina Blinova, Sputnik News. -

On 4 January, UK District Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will not be extradited to the US, where he is indicted by the US on 18 federal charges carrying a [...]

Chris Hedges: The Empire Is Not Done With Julian Assange

By Chris Hedges, -

Shortly after WikiLeaks released the Iraq War Logs in October 2010, which documented numerous US war crimes — including video images of the gunning down of two Reuters journalists and 10 other [...]

Assange Wins. The Cost: Press Freedom Is Crushed

By Jonathan Cook. -

The unexpected decision by Judge Vanessa Baraitser to deny a US demand to extradite Julian Assange, foiling efforts to send him to a US super-max jail for the rest of his life, is a welcome legal [...]

Assange: Judge Denies United States’ Extradition Request

By Kevin Gosztola, Shadowproof. -

Citing harsh federal prison conditions in the United States, a British district court judge rejected the United States government’s extradition request against WikiLeaks founder Julian [...]

Stella Moris: If British Court Sends Julian Assange To The United States

By Stella Moris, Globe and Mail. -

London - A month ago, I would wake up in the middle of the night seized by a recurring nightmare: my little boys, Max, 22 months, and Gabriel, who is three, had been orphaned. I was still here [...]

Protesters Gather In DC In Solidarity With Assange

By Sam Carliner, Medium. -

Press freedom activists and independent journalists endured the cold and rain outside the British Embassy in Washington D.C. on Sunday Jan. 3. With less than 24 hours until a potential blow to [...]

Father Takes Assange’s Fight To New York

By AAP Newswire, Shepparton News. -

The father of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has turned his focus from the UK to the US where he hopes a change of president could advantage his son. Assange is being held at London's [...]

Assange’s Extradition Case Is Our Struggle For Popular Power

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

Monday, January 4, 2021, will be a seminal day for press freedom and our right to know what our governments and corporations are doing around the world. Judge Vanessa Baraitser will announce her [...]

Assange Extradition: Legal Teams Likely Informed Already Of Judge’s Decision

By Alexander Mercouris, Consortium News. -

In accordance with a British magistrate court’s usual procedure, Julian Assange’s Judgment has almost certainly already been written and sent in draft form to the respective teams of lawyers, [...]

Upcoming Ruling In Assange Trial Threatens More Than Freedom Of The Press

By Steve Brown, Covert Action Magazine. -

Although important legal principles are at stake in the extradition trial of Julian Assange, for which a ruling will be handed down on January 4, it should not be forgotten that there are [...]

The Julian Assange Pardon Drive

By Binoy Kampmark, Counterpunch. -

The odds are stacked against Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks publisher who faces the grimmest of prospects come January 4.  On that day, the unsympathetic judicial head of District Judge Vanessa [...]