A Guide To The US Government’s Appeal In The Assange Extradition Case

By Kevin Gosztola, The Dissenter. -

London - On October 27, the High Court of Justice in the United Kingdom will hear the Crown Prosecution Service argue on behalf of the United States government that a lower court improperly [...]

The US Will Break Any Laws To Protect The Elites: The Saab And Assange Cases

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

The United States government demonstrates repeatedly that it will do whatever it takes to protect the economic and political interests of the elites, even if it means total disregard for human [...]

The Julian Assange Case

The most recent revelations, coupled with the numerous legal anomalies of the Assange case, including leaks that show that the Spanish security firm at Ecuador’s Embassy in London, where Assange [...]

Chief Justice Of England And Wales Joins Bench For Assange Hearing

By Joe Lauria, Consortium News. -

Ian Duncan Burnett, the most powerful judge in England and Wales, will join Lord Justice Timothy Holroyde on the bench next week for the two-day U.S. appeal in the extradition case [...]

International Tribunal Seeks To Charge US Government With Crimes Against Humanity

By Bob Lederer And Matt Meyer, Covert Action Magazine. -

In this era of police violence, pandemic worries, and economic crisis, it is no surprise that U.S. (and local) government agencies have a poor track record of sharing information honestly and [...]

Assange To Get Same Judge Who Sided With US On Appeal Over Medical Issues

By Joe Lauria, Consortium News. -

Lord Justice Timothy Holroyde, the High Court judge who reversed an earlier court order to bar the U.S. from appealing Julian Assange’s medical issues, will preside over the substantive U.S. [...]

Free Julian Assange: The Belmarsh Tribunal Comes To London

By Progressive International. -

Inspired by the famous Russell-Sartre people's tribunal, the Belmarsh Tribunal places the War on Terror on trial and holds the US government accountable for its war crimes. It is named for the [...]

Assange’s Father On US Government’s ‘Scandalous’ Plan To ‘Murder’ His Son

By Lee Camp, ScheerPost.com. -

One of the biggest moments in Julian Assange’s trial is slated to happen next month, when the embattled and imprisoned WikiLeaks founder’s final extradition hearing is held in Great Britain. And [...]

Who Will Step Up In Biden’s DOJ To Save Julian Assange?

By Joe Lauria, Consortium News. -

Last month Biden’s Haitian envoy resigned on principle. Is there someone in Biden’s Justice Department who would push the attorney general to drop the prosecution of Julian Assange? Last month [...]

Journalists Who Mocked Assange Say Nothing About CIA Plans To Kill Him

By John Mcevoy, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

Yahoo! News (9/26/21) published a bombshell report detailing the US Central Intelligence Agency’s “secret war plans against WikiLeaks,” including clandestine plots to kill or kidnap [...]

Key Witness In Assange Case Jailed In Iceland

By Bjartmar Oddur Þeyr Alexandersson and Gunnar Hrafn Jónsson, Stundin. -

Sigurdur Thordarson, a key witness for the FBI against Julian Assange, has been jailed in Iceland. The notorious alleged hacker and convicted pedophile was remanded to custody in Iceland’s [...]

CIA Conspiring To Murder Julian Assange Jeopardise US Prosecution Case

By Tom Coburg, The Canary. -

The US prosecution of Julian Assange has been dealt another blow following revelations that the CIA plotted the kidnap and rendition or murder of the WikiLeaks founder. The revelations also [...]

What The Yahoo! Assange Report Got Wrong

By Joe Lauria, Consortium News. -

The Yahoo! News report that is mistakenly being credited for breaking the story of a CIA plot to assassinate or kidnap WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange is filled with crucial errors, while at [...]

Inside The CIA Plot To Kidnap, Kill Julian Assange

By Aaron Maté, The Grayzone. -

Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News discusses his team’s reporting on the CIA plot to surveil, kidnap, and even kill Assange — all overseen by Michael Pompeo. In response, Pompeo has called for the [...]

Report: CIA Plans To Kidnap Assange

By Kevin Gosztola, The Dissenter. -

Though District Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled against the United States’ extradition request, she rejected the argument from the legal team for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that hostility [...]