Did Belmarsh Irretrievably Show Its Hand By Not Allowing Assange Ample Time To See His Lawyers

By Staff, Angelof-truth.com -

It was revealed that, since his last hearing on December 19, Assange had been granted just two hours total to review that evidence with his legal team. What is being conducted in the British [...]

Australian Political Leaders Urge End To Assange Prosecution

By Rob Harris, Smh.com.au -

Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has joined calls for the Morrison government to try to halt Julian Assange's potential extradition from Britain to the United States on espionage [...]

Media Elites To Assange: Fight For Your Own Hide

By Ted Galen Carpenter, Theamericanconservative.com -

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange languishes in a British prison awaiting probable extradition to the United States to stand trial for violating the Espionage Act of 1917. Ironically, he is [...]

Wikileaks Still Holding Powerful To Account As Founder Julian Assange “Slowly Dies” In Prison

By Alan Macleod, Mintpressnews.com -

Julian Assange is dying inside Belmarsh Prison in London. Those are his own words, relayed through English journalist Vaughan Smith, who revealed that the Wikileaks founder called him on [...]

Assange Extradition Hearing Will Take “Three To Four Weeks” As Political Opposition Mounts

By Laura Tiernan, WSWS -

Hearings over a US extradition request for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will likely be held across “three or four weeks,” starting in February, District Court Judge Vanessa Baraitser told [...]

Committee to Protect Journalists Excludes Assange From Annual List Of Jailed Journalists

By Kevin Gosztola, Medium.com -

A prominent press freedom organization in the United States declined to include WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in its annual list of journalists jailed throughout the world. The Committee to [...]

‘Assange Cannot Be Extradited To The US’, Lawyer Holds At Court

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

The treaty between the United Kingdom and the United States bans extradition for political offenses. During a hearing before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, Julian Assange’s [...]

Freedom For Julian Assange

By Staff, Resumen-english.org -

In a public statement on November 1st, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer, expressed “his alarm at the continued deterioration in the health of Julian Assange since [...]

Warrant Targeting Assange Supporter Reveals Scope Of US Government Campaign Against WikiLeaks

By Oscar Grenfell, Wsws.org -

On December 2, graphic designer and WikiLeaks supporter Somerset Bean revealed he had received a letter from Google informing him that the company had complied with a US Department of Justice [...]

Open Letter To Scott Morrison Regarding Julian Assange

By Staff, Independentaustralia.net -

More than 40 esteemed lawyers, academics, journalists, top-ranking security veterans, whistleblowers, authors and artists have joined in urging Scott Morrison to intervene to stop the British [...]

100+ Doctors Demand Assange Go To Australian Hospital ‘Before It Is Too Late’

By Doctors for Assange, Medium.com -

We, the undersigned medical doctors, wrote to the UK Home Secretary on 22 November 2019, and to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice on 4 December 2019, expressing our serious [...]

Who Spied On Julian Assange?

By Philip Giraldi, Councilforthenationalinterest.org -

The Julian Assange drama drags on. Though he continues to sit in a top security British prison awaiting developments in his expected extradition to the United States, the Spanish High Court has [...]

Assange Lawyer Discloses Conditions For British Justice To Rethink His Extradition

By Staff, Rt.com -

A Spanish judge will question Julian Assange on a Spain-based security firm thought to have spied on him in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. His lawyer hopes it may help thwart the WikiLeaks [...]

Julian Assange ‘Blocked From Seeing Evidence’ Over Extradition To US

By Lizzie Dearden, Independent. -

Julian Assange has been blocked from seeing evidence in his extradition case as he battles against being sent to the US, a court has heard. Lawyers representing the WikiLeaks founder told a [...]

Doctors Condemn Failure Of UK To Respond To Demand For Medical Care For Assange

By Staff, Wsws.org -

The doctors from around the world who issued an open letter on November 22 calling for the immediate transfer of Julian Assange from the maximum security Belmarsh Prison to a university teaching [...]