NFL Returning $723K For Sponsored Military Tributes

By Darren Rovell, -

By Darren Rovell for ESPN - The NFL is returning more than $700,000 of taxpayers' money that was paid to teams for sponsored military tributes. After being criticized for "paid patriotism," in [...]

The NFL Players Union Just Awarded Colin Kaepernick ‘Week 1’ MVP

By Grant Stern, -

By Grant Stern for Verified Politics - The NFL Player’s Association just picked a free agent quarterback as their Week 1 MVP for his charity work, even though he didn’t even make it onto the [...]

NFL Fans Rally To Defend Kaepernick, Threaten To Boycott Season

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - What began as a stand against police brutality and racial injustice has led to unemployment for NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. One year after NFL star Colin Kaepernick’s [...]

Protest Started By Colin Kaepernick Spreads To High School Students

By Julie Turkewitz, -

By Julie Turkewitz for The New York Times - AURORA, Colo. — Vicqari Horton dropped a knee to the grass. The varsity choir piped out “The Star-Spangled Banner.” And in the bleachers at a [...]

From Maryland To New York, Kayaktivists Protest Fossil Fuels

By Staff, -

By Staff of We Are Cove Point - Verplanck, NY, and Annapolis, MD – Saturday afternoon, as Spectra Energy prepared to drag its 42-inch diameter, high pressure, fracked-methane gas pipeline under [...]

Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Is Working

By Josh Levin, -

By Josh Levin for Slate - On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Marcus Peters held a black-gloved fist aloft during the national anthem, an homage to the 1968 black-power protest of John Carlos and [...]

Women’s Boat To Gaza (WBG): An All-Women Boat, To Break Siege Of Gaza

By Vyara Gylsen, -

By Vyara Gylsen for MEE - One of these women is Zohar Chamberlain Regev, an Israeli citizen who was born and raised in Kibbutz Kfar Hahoresh, near Nazareth. She has been living in Spain for the [...]

#VeteransForKaepernick Stand Up For His Right To Sit Down

By Lindsay Gibbs, -

By Lindsay Gibbs for Think Progress - In the days since San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem as a way to protest the oppression of people of [...]

WNBA Players Boycott After Being Fined For Wearing BLM Shirts

By Rob Wile, -

By Rob Wile for Fuse - On Thursday morning, the WNBA levied fines against three teams and their players for donning uniforms worn to protest the recent spate of police killings of black people. [...]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Importance Of Athlete Activists

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, -

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for Time Magazine - America has always had a complicated relationship with our athletes. When it comes to Game Day, athletes are warriors whose acrobatic actions on the court [...]