More On Mueller’s Forensics-Free Findings

By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Consortium News. -

At the time of our Memo, it was already clear that Mueller’s findings would be fatally incomplete. We were virtually certain that Mueller’s report would lack the forensic findings that we VIPS [...]

Bar Barr Or Regret This Dictatorial Attorney General

By Ralph Nader, -

Many Senate Democrats are throwing in the towel on the nomination of William Barr for Trump’s Attorney General (a prospect assured by Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, declaring his personal [...]

Nominee For US Attorney General Will Not Take Action Against State-Sanctioned Marijuana Industry

By Staff, -

Washington, DC: The Trump administration's nominee for US Attorney General, William Barr, during Senate testimony on Tuesday affirmed that he would not use the power of the Justice Department to [...]

11 States Sue EPA Over Chemical Accident Safety Rule

By Staff, -

By Staff of Attorney General of NY - NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, leading a coalition of 11 state Attorneys General, today filed a lawsuit against the federal [...]

Jeff Sessions Doubled Down On Immoral, Racist, And Counterproductive War On Drugs

By Udi Ofer, -

By Udi Ofer for ACLU - So when most Americans learned that the incarceration rate in the United States began to decrease and that overall crime rates were at historic lows, they cheered the news. [...]

Sessions: Shameful And Stupid On Street Crime, Soft On Corporate Crime

By Robert Weissman, -

By Robert Weissman for Common Dreams - The Sessions approach will throw thousands of people – especially Americans from communities of color or with low-incomes – into prison needlessly, [...]

Jeff Sessions Orders Harsher Sentences, Taking U.S. Policy Back To 1980s

By Elisabeth Garber-Paul, -

By Elisabeth Garber-Paul for Rolling Stone - On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo ordering Justice Department staff to charge criminal suspects – specifically low-level, [...]

Why Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III Is Unfit To Be Attorney General

By Bill Blum, -

By Bill Blum for Truth Dig - Judge Watson clearly had the authority to render his decision. After all, the principle of judicial review—the power of the courts to declare acts of Congress and the [...]

Confirmation Hearing; Sessions Opposes Protections For Reporters Publishing Leaks

By Kevin Gsoztola, -

By Kevin Gsoztola for Shadow Proof - Republican Senator Jeff Sessions opposed protections for reporters, who have viewpoints and publish contents from national security leaks, during his [...]