COVID19 Brings American Decline Out In The Open

By Noah Smith, Bloomberg. -

The U.S.’s decline started with little things that people got used to. Americans drove past empty construction sites and didn’t even think about why the workers weren’t working, then wondered why [...]

Protest At Rutgers Against Austerity Response To Pandemic

By Sarah Jaffe, Dissent Magazine. -

Two months into the pandemic-induced crisis at Rutgers University in New Jersey, the unions representing 20,000 of the university’s workers came together and held a car caravan to the university [...]

Neoliberalism Is In Critical Condition

By Riccardo Mastini, The Ecologist. -

Now is the moment to transition away from an economic system that thrives on exploitation. The Covid-19 pandemic is tearing the neoliberal playbook apart as politicians and citizens realise [...]

Schools Are Feeding Millions Of Children

By Chuck Abbott, The Fern. -

Public schools served tens of millions of emergency meals in April to low-income children after coronavirus closures ended cafeteria service, said a survey released on Monday. But with roughly [...]

Ecuador Persecutes Opponents As COVID-19 Crisis Exposes Neoliberal War On Public Sector

By Denis Rogatyuk, The Grayzone. -

Up to the end of April, the number of infected and deceased caused by the COVID19 pandemic had spiraled out of control, nearly collapsing the country’s public healthcare sector, already [...]

Diseased System In Shut-Lockdown

By Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report. -

If growing misery among the masses is what made revolutions, the Lords of Capital would have been deposed from their ruling perches long ago. But human beings do not spend their lives tallying [...]

Starving Cities And States

By Eve Ottenberg, Counterpunch. -

Disaster capitalism is in high gear. The stock market plunged, so Trump, hysterical, whipped out the federal checkbook. The result? Unlimited bailouts of shoddily-run corporations, criminally [...]

Bodies In The Streets: IMF Imposed Measures Have Left Ecuador Unable To Cope With Coronavirus

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

If you are using one of the many coronavirus incidence trackers, the Pacific country of Ecuador does not seem to be particularly badly affected by COVID-19. Officially, the country has less than [...]

Colombians Reject Government Acting Like A Doormat For The United States

By Vijay Prashad, Paola Estrada, Ana Maldonado, and Zoe PC, Pressenza. -

Last year, on November 21, the Colombian people took to the streets in massive numbers to reject the policies of the government led by President Iván Duque. In particular, the people called on [...]

Wayne State Teachers Protest Mass Firings

By Jamie McQuaid, Workers World. -

On Feb. 26, nearly 100 lecturers, graduate instructors, students and allied workers marched through Wayne State University’s main campus in Detroit to protest the mass firing of lecturers, who [...]

A Cruel Attack On The Disabled

By Jill Richardson, Counterpunch. -

You might have missed it amid the impeachment coverage, but the Trump administration has recently rolled out plans for draconian cuts to everything from Medicaid to school lunches. Latest on [...]

In New Year’s Address, French President Macron Pledges To Impose Austerity Despite Mass Strike

By Alex Lantier, -

In a brief, perfunctory speech on New Year’s Eve, French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to impose his pension cuts despite mass strikes and overwhelming popular opposition, which he derided as [...]

In And Against The European Union?

By Hilary Wainwright, Transnational Institute. -

The government of the Portuguese Socialist Party supported and pressured by an alliance with the Communist Party and the Left Bloc have shown that it is possible to implement an effective [...]

Another Europe Is Possible

By Yanis Varoufakis, -

I went into politics because of the financial crisis of 2008. Had financial capitalism not imploded, I would have happily continued my quite obscure academic work at some university. The chain [...]

Lebanon’s ‘October Revolution’ Must Go On!

By Rima Majed, -

The ‘streets’ of Lebanon have exploded in massive protests since October 17th. Following months of austerity and dire economic conditions, a shortage of US dollars that caused a serious threat of [...]