What Anti-Adani Protestors Can Learn From The Jabiluka Blockade

By Scott Ludlam, Theguardian.com -

Like anti-Adani protesters today, those who stood up at Jabiluka were attacked. It’s good to remember that people can prevail. One of Australia’s proudest land rights struggles is passing an [...]

Community Blockades Detention Center To Protect Asylum Seekers

By Close the Camps Action Collective, Insurrectionnewsworldwide.com -

Community members have blockaded the gates of MITA detention centre in Broadmeadows this morning in a desperate bid to stop the deportation of Tamil asylum seeker, ‘Santharuban’. Grave fears are [...]

Australians: Lawmakers #StopAdani From Building Country’s Largest Coal Mine

By Brandon Jordan, Wagingnonviolence.org -

Hundreds of Australians gathered outside Parliament House in Canberra on Monday to demand that lawmakers — heading into the first legislative session of 2018 — stop what would be the country’s [...]

Will US Learn From Australia? Stricter Gun Control Laws Save Lives

By Rebecca Peters, www.theguardian.com -

By Rebecca Peters for The Guardian - The mass murder in Newtown Connecticut a year ago caused shock and sorrow all around the world. In Australia it also revived memories of our own horror on a [...]

Australian Oil Well Leaked Into Ocean For Months – But Spill Kept Secret

By Michael Slezak, www.theguardian.com -

By Michael Slezak for The Guardian - An offshore oil and gas well in Australia leaked oil continuously into the ocean for two months in 2016, releasing an estimated 10,500 litres. But the spill [...]

Australia Dumps TPP, Opts For China-Sponsored Trade Deal

By Mike “Mish” Shedlock, www.mishtalk.com -

By Mike “Mish” Shedlock for Mish Talks - President Obama made a foolish decision to not welcome China in the formation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It was ludicrous for Obama to leave [...]

Ocean Waves Could Supply World’s Power And Drinking Water

By Alexander Reed Kelly, www.truth-out.org -

By Alexander Reed Kelly for Truth Dig - A new kind of renewable energy technology in use off Australia’s coast converts the relentless movement of the ocean’s waves into what is potentially a [...]

Melbourne Shows Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

By Staff, www.abc.net.au -

By ABC in Australia. Melbourne, Australia - About 3,500 people gathered in Melbourne on Sunday to show "solidarity" to the Black Lives Matter movement, following a recent outbreak of [...]

Former Abusive UK Undercover Officer Training Australian Police

By Staff, www.policespiesoutoflives.org.uk -

By Staff of Police Spies Out of Lives - Helen Steel has flown to Australian to confront John Dines, an undercover officer in the UK who she was tricked into a two year relationship with. She has [...]

Australian Indigenous Resistance Rooted In US Radicalism Of 60s

By Jon Piccini, www.imperialglobalexeter.com -

By Jon Piccini for Imperial & Global Forum - Recently, an upturn in indigenous struggles in Australia have seen the legacies of colonialism and genocide forced back onto the national radar. [...]

Australia’s Powerful Web Of Grassroots Climate Resistance

By Nicola Paris, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

By Nicola Paris for Waging Nonviolence - I’ve long been fascinated by spider webs, and their potential for movement metaphor. One thread can seem so flimsy and insignificant, but bound together, [...]

Australia Wins Arbitration Over Cigarette Packaging

By Jarrod Hepburn and Luke Eric Peterson, www.iareporter.com -

By Jarrod Hepburn and Luke Eric Peterson for Investment Arbitration Reporter. The Hague, Netherlands - A tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration has issued a decision dismissing a [...]

Australians Shut Down Three Coal Ports Protesting COP21

By Staff, www.frontlineaction.org -

By Staff of Frontline Action - Protestors shut down three East Coast coal ports as Paris talks fail to deliver climate justice. Protestors join call for global moratorium on coal mines. (SYDNEY)– [...]

Carbon Inequality: Rich Profit & Pollute, Poor Suffer

By Staff, www.facebook.com -

By Staff of 350.org Australia - Peoples Parliament - Putting People ahead of PollutersToday, 300 inspiring Australians peacefully occupied Parliament House, calling on politicians to put people [...]

Snowden & Allies Call On Australians To Resist New Surveillance Law

By Nadia Prupis, www.commondreams.org -

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams - As new controversial metadata laws went into effect in Australia on Tuesday, whistleblower Edward Snowden took to Twitter to warn the country's residents about [...]

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