The G20 Parade Of Monsters

By Giuseppe Caccia and Lorenzo Marsili, -

By Giuseppe Caccia and Lorenzo Marsili for Political Critique - The turn of the century marked the zenith of globalisation and the golden era of G7-G8 summits. One model seemed fit for all: [...]

Authoritarianism Is Making A Comeback

By Maria J. Stephan and Timothy Snyder, -

By Maria J. Stephan and Timothy Snyder for The Guardian. It is time for those who support democracy to remember what activists from around the world have paid a price to learn: how to win. [...]

The Antidote To Authoritarianism

By Malkia A. Cyril, -

By Malkia A. Cyril for The Atlantic - My first known ancestor in the Americas was an Ashanti woman called “the African.” We don’t know her name, but through records kept by slaveholders, we know [...]

History Of Anti-Authoritarian Struggle Is A History Worth Repeating

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, -

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert for Waging Nonviolence - Throughout his campaign, critics have drawn comparisons between Donald Trump and authoritarian leaders from the past. From his proposed plans to [...]

6 Lessons Learned Fighting Oppressive Regimes While Trying to Protect People And Planet

By Terry Odendahl, -

By Terry Odendahl for Eco Watch - The U.S. may now find itself in a similar position as countries like the China, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Philippines, Russia, Venezuela and many others where [...]