The ZAD: Between Utopian Radicalism And Negotiated Pragmatism

By Fareen Parvez And Stellan Vinthagen, ROAR Magazine. -

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp relief the many failures of contemporary capitalist states around the globe. These include the failure to ensure social and economic justice [...]

Life And Times At The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

By Shane Burley, ROAR Magazine. -

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed one of the largest uprisings in recent US history. The police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, brought millions of people in the US and [...]

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Where Seattle Protesters Gather Without Police

By Evan Bush, Seattle Times. -

Welcome to the CHAZ, the newly named Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, where most everything was free Tuesday. Free snacks at the No-Cop Co-op. Free gas masks from some guy’s sedan. Free speech at [...]

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Forms Around Emptied East Precinct

By Jake Goldstein-Street and Alex Garland, -

The first night in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that has formed in the wake of police giving up the week-long blockade of the East Precinct was rainy and peaceful and full of [...]