Organizing For Survival In New York City

By Woodbine, Commune Mag. -

We are in month two of the coronavirus crisis in New York City, and must reassess how we are organizing ourselves. More than ten thousand have died, and we have seen mass burials in a public [...]

Thousands Rally In Barcelona Against Catalonia Secession

By Joseph Wilson, -

By Joseph Wilson for AP - BARCELONA, Spain — Thousands of people were rallying Sunday in downtown Barcelona to protest the Catalan government’s push for secession from the rest of Spain. Many in [...]

The Mapuche’s Cross-Border Struggle For Freedom And Autonomy

By Alejandra Gaitan Barrera and Fionuala Cregan, -

By Alejandra Gaitan Barrera and Fionuala Cregan for IC Magazine - Ever since the incursion of rampant neoliberalism in Chile and Argentina in the 1970s and 1980s, the Mapuche territory or [...]

Ecuador: Power From Below Despite Great Adversity


By CROAR for Roar Magazine. It is a well-known fact that, unfortunately, in natural disasters the ones most affected are always the common people, the same people who suffer disproportionately [...]

Building Democracy Without The State

By Dilar Dirik, -

By Dilar Dirik for Roar Magazine. Rojava - "When people first came to our house a few years ago to ask if our family would like to participate in the communes, I threw stones at them to keep them [...]

Building A Movement For International Seed Sovereignty

By Simone Adler, -

By Simone Adler for Other Worlds Are Possible - Who we are fighting for is every single peasant farmer – more than 200 million – on the planet. People are eager to join hands in building a global [...]

Here’s How To Cop Watch

By Muna Mire, -

By Muna Mire in The Nation - In academic circles, copwatching is considered a form of sousveillance, which translates from the French to “watching from below” and refers to recording or [...]

Communities Organizing Own Emergency Medical Service To Avoid Police

By Candice Bernd, -

By Candice Bernd in Truth Out - When Jens Rushing was working as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for a 911 service in one small Texas city, he was dispatched on a call where he witnessed a [...]

Until We Win: Black Labor & Liberation In The Disposable Era

By Kali Akuno, -

By Kali Akuno in Counterpunch - What the combination of theses efforts will amount to is the creation of Black Autonomous Zones. These Autonomous Zones must serve as centers for collective [...]

Sowing Seeds Of Autonomy

By Samantha Demby, -

By Samantha Demby - On Sunday, July 26, 2015, The Caravan for the “Buen Vivir” of Peoples in Resistance arrived to the community of Paso de la Reina on the southwestern coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. [...]

Women Farmers In Chile Join Together To Create Economic Autonomy

By Marianela Jarroud, -

More than 100 women small farmers from Chile’s southern Patagonia region have joined together in a new association aimed at achieving economic autonomy and empowerment, in an area where machismo [...]

Participatory Democracy In El Salvador

By Beverly Bell, -

It is completely rooted in the people. There is a lot of wisdom in people, and so what leaders have to do is be with the people, listen to the people, and address the issues that the people [...]

From Chiapas To Rojava: Seas Divide Us, Autonomy Binds Us

By Petar Stanchev, -

As the battle for every street and corner of the city intensified, Kobani managed to capture the imagination of the global left — and of left-libertarian groups in particular — as a symbol of [...]

Defying Government, Catalonia Pushes Independence Bid

By Deirdre Fulton, -

The leader of the Spanish region of Catalonia has set up a panel to supervise a contested independence referendum next month, despite the opposition of Spain's central government, which has gone [...]