Another Bank Bailout Under Cover Of A Virus

By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt. -

When the Dodd Frank Act was passed in 2010, President Obama triumphantly declared, “No more bailouts!” But what the Act actually said was that the next time the banks failed, they would be [...]

Once Again, Congress Will Let Wall Street Pillage Main Street

By Leonard C. Goodman, PopularResistance. -

Over the last decade, Congress’s approval ratings have hovered around the mid-teens or low 20s, reflecting the reality that our representatives in Washington, D.C., serve the needs of big donors [...]

Initial Reflections On ‘Debt Jubilee’, MMT, And Limits Of Monetary Policy

One of the readers of this blog recently asked me my views on topics such as the call by some left economists for a general debt forgiveness (Debt Jubilee), on Modern Money Theory (MMT or [...]

Crushing The States, Saving The Banks

By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt. -

Congress seems to be at war with the states. Only $150 billion of its nearly $3 trillion coronavirus relief package – a mere 5% – has been allocated to the 50 states; and they are not allowed to [...]

The Fifth Coronavirus Relief Package We Need

By Howie Hawkins, Nation of Change. -

The coronavirus depression is fast becoming as deep as the Great Depression. The federal government’s response has been too little, too late. While sickness and death spread, while [...]

Small Businesses Furious At Paycheck Protection Program Structure

By Main Street Alliance. -

With allegations that major banks shuffled Paycheck Protection Program applications to prioritize larger loan amounts and bigger businesses, Main Street businesses are furious. This possibility [...]

Stimulus Could Heighten Racial Economic Inequality

By Layla A. Jones, Billy Penn. -

As Americans across the country peeked at their federally stimulated bank accounts last week, Dr. David R. Williams of Harvard University issued an urgent call to action. As chair of the [...]

As One Of Largest Bailouts In History Looms, ‘Crisis Ridden’ Corporations Reap Record Profits

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Hospitals overflowing with sick and dying patients. Overworked staff risking their lives wearing garbage bags as makeshift protective equipment against an invisible but deadly virus. Refrigerated [...]

Unions Back US Postal Service’s $75 Billion Pandemic Appeal

By Mark Gruenberg, Intrepid Report. -

Washington — Faced with a crash in mail volume and revenue due to closures to battle the coronavirus pandemic—right when the country needs the Postal Service the most to help get vital food, [...]

Protect Tenants From COVID-19 By Nationalizing Landlords’ Assets

By Phillip Mendonça-Vieira, Passage. -

With the economy grinding to a halt due to the social distancing measures and emergency lockdowns imposed in order to fight COVID-19, more than a million of Canadians have lost their jobs and are [...]

Tenant Advocates Call For Mass Rent Strike On May 1

By Jake Offenhartz, The Gothamist. -

New York tenant leaders are planning a “massive wave of rent strikes” across the state, the latest escalation in a campaign to force action from Governor Andrew Cuomo as he continues to resist [...]

Lone Watchdog Demands Federal Reserve Release Names Of Corporations Receiving Taxpayer Bailouts

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams. -

The lone watchdog on a congressional committee formed to oversee the Trump administration's handling of a multi-trillion-dollar coronavirus bailout package demanded Wednesday that the Federal [...]

A “Critical-Care” Bailout For Main Street In The Face Of COVID-19

By the Public Banking Institute. -

The Public Banking Institute has been working since 2011 to return control of money and credit to states and communities and create a network of publicly-owned federal, state and municipal banks [...]

An All-American Urge To Offer Corporate Welfare

By Nomi Prins, -

To say that these are unprecedented times would be the understatement of the century. Even as the United States became the latest target of Hurricane COVID-19, in “hot spots” around the globe a [...]

250 Organisations Demand Red Lines For Aviation Bailouts

By the Stay Grounded Network, Popular Resistance. -

6th of April 2020 - Today, 250 organisations from 25 countries published an open letter directed to governments, urging them to resist any aviation lobby attempts to rush into unfair bailouts of [...]

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