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Bank of America

The Economics Of Climate Accountability

"The Enbridge terminal expansion is planned to be constructed in the ancestral settlement and land of the Karankawa Kadla, where thousands of sacred Karankawa artifacts remain and ceremony and prayer have continued for the past 2,000 years,” said a news release from the Indigenous Environmental Network. The release also included a simple line asking for “accountability from Enbridge and Bank of America". That word “accountability” shifts the protest to another kind of action, one based on ESG standards; a metric that includes Environment, Social and Governance as well as the planning for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Both Bank of America and Enbridge say they have ESG plans and are on track to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

St. Louis: Rally And Bank Shutdown In Solidarity With L’eau Est La Vie Camp

ST. LOUIS: In response to a call from a camp in Louisiana resisting the #BayouBridgePipeline, L’eau Est La Vie Camp, for a day of global solidarity, St. Louis residents who have been to the resistance encampment organized a local action to bring attention to the struggle and put pressure on local targets in St. Louis. The action started at the Bank of America Plaza Downton with a rally that hosted a variety of speakers, after that a march proceeded which ended at a U.S. Bank branch, where 10 activists took over the lobby and shut it down, while the rest of the march remained outside as auxiliary support. The activists inside shutdown the branch for the last hour it was open and left the space without arrest at the end of the day.

Bank of America Freezing Accounts Of Suspected Non-Citizens

In recent months, the Trump administration has launched an unprecedented assault on the immigrant community, highlighted by a “zero tolerance” policy that has left as many as 500 children separated from their parents. But it’s not just the federal government that’s persecuting this vulnerable group. As the Miami Herald reports, Bank of America is freezing the account of customers whose U.S. citizenship it deems suspect.

Action To Tell Bank Of America: ‘Dump Dominion’

By We Are Cove Point. Washington, DC - On January 21, We Are Cove Point will hold an action outside the huge Bank of America near the White House in Washington, DC to tell Bank of America to stop funding Dominion’s dirty and dangerous facility under construction in Lusby, MD. We delivered letters to bank managers from Connecticut to North Carolina on December 16, 2015. We sent letters to Bank of America’s press officers, board and CEO. No response. This time we are going to make a lot of noise so they can hear us! Meet us at the Bank of America at 711 15th St. NW in Washington DC at NOON on Thursday, January 21. We will have large banners and some signs. Bring noisemakers. Bring your friends and family. This will be fun!

Bank Of America Actions Send Strong Message To #DumpDominion

By Staff of We Are Cove Point - December 16, activists with We Are Cove Point visited 10 Bank of America locations around the mid-Atlantic to call on the bank to stop financing Dominion Resources. This day of action was taken as part of We Are Cove Point’s Dump Dominion campaign that was launched with an occupied banner hang from the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium in the bank’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, during the middle of a Monday Night Football game in early November. Bank of America is the most recognizable part of a group of banks that have extended Dominion a $4 billion line of credit ...

Jump Into Dump Dominion Day Of Action!

By We Are Cove Point for Popular Resistance. On December 16, we are telling Bank of America to stop financing Dominion’s dangerous gas refinery and export terminal in Cove Point with actions throughout the area. On December 16, we are telling Bank of America to stop financing Dominion’s dangerous gas refinery and export terminal in Cove Point with actions throughout the area. Join an action or organize your own. We’ll help you. Lusby, Maryland - We Are Cove Point is a coalition of people and organizations that is working together to stop a new liquefied fracked gas export terminal that Dominion Resources is trying to build in the residential community of Cove Point in Lusby, Maryland. This is the first liquefied fracked gas export terminal to be built on the East Coast and the first one to be built adjacent to a densely-populated residential neighborhood. Bank of America is a major financier of Dominion.

Breaking: Activists Hang From Stadium To Protest BofA

By We Are Cove Point. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — In protest of Bank of America’s role in financing the planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Cove Point, Maryland, activists from We Are Cove Point have suspended themselves from the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium during the Monday Night Football game between the Charlotte Panthers and the Indianapolis Colts. They dropped a banner that reads, “BoA: Dump Dominion,,” that was seen by the stadium audience of more than 70,000 people. Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) has played a major role in financing Dominion Resources (NYSE: D) and its $3.8 billion LNG export facility at Cove Point through Dominion Midstream (NYSE: DM). Bank of America is part of a consortium of banks that is lending Dominion up to $4 billion to finance several planned gas infrastructure projects.

Bank Of America Dumps Coal Mining In Sweeping New Policy

Bank of America unveiled a new global coal mining policy today committing to reduce exposure to coal mining companies across the board. Bank of America’s Andrew Plepler announced the new policy at the bank’s annual shareholder meeting this morning in Charlotte, stating: "With regard to coal, over the past several years we have been gradually and consistently reducing our credit exposure to companies focused on coal mining. Our new policy...reflects our decision to continue to reduce our credit exposure over time to the coal mining sector globally.” The policy change comes after four years of campaigning from Rainforest Action Network and other groups, and is the strongest policy of its kind to date. “Today’s announcement from Bank of America truly represents a sea change: it acknowledges the responsibility that the financial sector bears for supporting and profiting from the fossil fuel industry and the climate chaos it has caused,” said Rainforest Action Network Climate and Energy Program Director Amanda Starbuck.

Bank Of America Protested Over Coal And Climate Finance

An international coalition of shareholders and community leaders from as far away as Bogota, Colombia, will testify to the grave impacts resulting from Bank of America’s financing of the coal industry at the bank’s Annual General Meeting today in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shareholders will also consider a resolution requesting the bank to report carbon emissions stemming from financing of carbon-intensive industries. Coal is the top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that cause climate change. The proposed resolution requests that Bank of America provide an assessment and report on its financing of GHG emissions. It was introduced by members of the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) and endorsed by a coalition of institutional investors with nearly $35 billion in managed assets. “Coal is still a big problem for Bank of America, as it continues to finance billions of dollars each year to the dirtiest companies in the business,” said Ben Collins, Policy Campaigner for Rainforest Action Network. “Shareholders proposed a resolution that the bank come clean on its accounting-- and report the climate consequences of its financing decisions in the light of day.”

Protesters Converge On Bank Of America Shareholder Meeting

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are preparing for another large protest expected in uptown Wednesday morning. It comes less than a week after protesters crowded outside the Duke Energy building. Wednesday’s event is expected to bring hundreds outside Bank of America. Police have already brought over barricades they plan to line up outside Bank of America’s headquarters to make sure protesters don’t trespass. Rainforest Action Network said it's prepared as well. The environmental organization plans to protest Bank of America's multibillion-dollar investment in the coal industry. “Bank of America is on the hook for this. It's putting our communities and our shareholders at risk,” Todd Zimmer, with RAN, said. Zimmer said for the first time the group will take the protest off the streets and into the meeting itself. Five of its members plan to speak. “They are all shareholders, so they have every right to be in the meeting. They will be testifying as to the real impacts they experienced,” Zimmer said. One of the speakers is from Colombia. That's where the coal company Drummond limited has a mine. Bank of America works with Drummond. Santiago Piñeros is an attorney with Social Thought and Action. He has seen how people are now sick from the pollution and coal ash. “It’s a violation of human rights- of health, of life,” he said.

B Of A Foreclosure Ruled Unconstitutional, Sets Precedent

This shows the scheme enacted by BoA to sanction this illegal and unconstitutional foreclosure which was proven because the DTA was not adhered to; as well as “failure to materially comply with that statute renders a foreclosure sale pursuant to it invalid.” Therefore the foreclosure implemented against the homeowner was illegal because there was a failure to appoint “a trustee that was independent.” Bowden clearly stated “I could not find that Fannie Mae as the claimed owner of the underlying note was a bona fide purchaser for value, even if it was not complicit in the violations of the DTA.” It was concluded that BoA and MERS action were “unfair [and] deceptive” in nature and the homeowner was “injured” because of this foreclosure.

Bank Of America And Government Joined To Spy On Activists

The newly published documents reveal a coordinated effort by Bank of America, the Washington State Patrol (WSP), and federal counterterrorism agencies, to monitor activists as they prepared for a public demonstration in Olympia, Wash. Over 230 people originally signed up to attend the “Million Mask March” event, which was organized by the Anonymous movement and took place on November 5, 2013. Although an official report by the WSP described the event as a “peaceful protest” being organized by activists who had made “no threats of violence,” those involved were still monitored by the department before the event took place. Information gathered about the potential protesters was then shared with Bank of America. Furthermore, Bank of America solicited information about activists from various federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
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