Student Debt Means Fewer Public Servants — And More Bankers

By Alyssa Aquino, -

By Alyssa Aquino for Other Words - Collectively, America’s student borrowers owe $1.7 trillion. On average, each graduating senior this year is beginning their life around $37,000 in the hole. [...]

Rato Finito: Spanish Citizens Send Most Corrupt Banker-Politician To Jail

By Steve Rushton, -

By Steve Rushton for Occupy - Michael Blesa, the president of Caja Madrid bank from 1996 to 2010, was sentenced to six years. Rato took over as President of Caja Madrid in 2010. The bank then [...]

How Bankers Became Top Exploiters Of Economy

By Michael Hudson, -

By Michael Hudson for Counter Punch - The Next System Project’s Adam Simpson sat down with renowned economist and economic historian Michael Hudson to discuss economic deceptions old and new in [...]

Can Moral Principles Stop Bankers From Stealing?

By Lynn Parramore, -

By Lynn Parramore for Institute for New Economic Thinking - Does the question of morality have a place in the realm of banking and regulation? That it feels awkward to even raise the issue is [...]

To Put Bankers Behind Bars, Spanish Citizens Take 1% To Court

By Steve Rushton, -

By Steve Rushton for Occupy - Elites regularly profit with impunity from financial corruption. This is clearly demonstrated by the numerous billion-dollar financial scandals in recent years, [...]

IMF’s Rogues Gallery. Crooks, Rapists And Swindlers

By Staff, -

By Staff of James Petras Website - The IMF is the leading international monetary agency whose public purpose is to maintain the stability of the global financial system through loans linked to [...]

Bankers Buy Baltimore Debt, Charge High Interest, Take Homes

By Alice Ollstein, -

By Alice Ollstein for Think Progress - Now, new data shows powerful hedge funds are profiting off of struggling families in Baltimore by buying up debts as small as $250, charging high interest [...]

Amid Protests Greece Passes Austerity Bailout

By Helena Smith and Emma Graham-Harrison in Athens, Ben Quinn, Heather Stewart and Graeme Wearden -

By Helena Smith and Emma Graham-Harrison in Athens, Ben Quinn, Heather Stewart and Graeme Wearden for the Guardian - Five years into the worst crisis to hit their country in decades, Greek MPs [...]

Newsletter – Struggle For Independence Continues

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Today, there continue to be struggles for independence in the US and around the world. In the US, as the country celebrates the 4th of July, more are [...]

Greece: Europe’s Oligarch Bankers Want To Kill The Left In Europe

By Seumas Milne, , -

By Seumas Milne for the Guardian. The worst outcome of this crisis would be for Syriza to implement the austerity it was elected to end. A yes vote in next weekend’s referendum, if it goes ahead, [...]

Newsletter: Respect Our Human Rights Or We’ll ‘Shut It Down’

This week we marked the 66th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was signed by the United States at its inception but has never been ratified. Perhaps because we live [...]

Holder Prosecuted Whistleblowers & Journalists, Not Bankers & Torturers

We urge President Obama to replace Holder with a public interest not a corporate lawyer; that will put the rule of law before corporate power. This appointment is an opportunity to shut the [...]

It’s Not Just Water: Detroit Thirsts For Democracy

By James Anderson and Anna Durrett, -

Several thousand people marched from Cobo Hall to Detroit's Hart Plaza on July 18, decrying the destruction of democracy in Detroit. The rally, organized in part by theMoratorium Now! Coalition [...]

Inequality Is Not Inevitable

By Joseph E. Stiglitz, -

AN insidious trend has developed over this past third of a century. A country that experienced shared growth after World War II began to tear apart, so much so that when the Great Recession hit [...]

Cecily McMillan Interview From Prison: Even More Committed

By Chris Arnade, -

A former banker visits the only member of Occupy Wall Street to receive a prison sentence: it sounds like the set-up of a joke or a parable of the modern age. Instead, it was a real scene last [...]

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