Lebanon Protests: The People Want The Downfall Of The Bank

By Hicham Safieddine, Middleeasteye.net -

There is no shortage of corruption in Lebanon. According to Transparency International, people in Lebanon are the most likely in the MENA region to describe their politicians and state [...]

Another Look At The Federal Reserve’s Panic In September 2019 And Solutions To The Crisis

By Eric Toussaint, Cadtm.org -

You may recall that from 17 September 2019, the United States Federal Reserve injected massive amounts of liquidity into banks due to a quite abnormal situation on the repo market [1]. [...]

A Radical Break With The Status Quo Is The Most Sensible Path Forward

By Diliff, Publicbankinginstitute.org -

“Today, it is quite clear that only a radical break with the past will deliver us from the post-crisis malaise and the climate crisis that has emerged alongside it. … A public banking system must [...]

Opening The Public Bank Floodgates

By Staff, Publicbankinginstitute.org -

“These [public] banks could follow in the footsteps of the German KfW Group, a collection of state-owned infrastructure banks that directed more than one-third of its funds to climate and [...]

Central Banks Bailing Out Wall Street And Big Finance As Crash Looms

By Nick Beams, Wsws.org -

Two actions by US financial authorities this week indicate that the United States will respond to a looming downturn in the global economy by providing, once again, unlimited amounts of cash to [...]

JPMorgan Chase Metals Desk Charged With Being A Criminal Enterprise For Rigging Metals Prices

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wallstreetonparade.com -

Two notable things happened on Monday, September 16, 2019. Rates started to spike in the overnight loan (repo) market, reaching a high of 10 percent the next day and forcing the Federal Reserve [...]

A US Green Investment Bank For All: Democratized Finance For A Just Transition

By Thomas Marois and Ali Riza Gungen, Thenextsystem.org -

In ways unimaginable just a few years ago, public banking and its potential for catalyzing a transition to a green and just future have been catapulted to the center of political and economic [...]

GEO Group Runs Out Of Banks As 100% Of Banking Partners Say ‘No’ To The Private Prison Sector

By Morgan Simon, Forbes.com -

All of the existing banking partners to private prison leader GEO Group have now officially committed to ending ties with the private prison and immigrant detention industry. These banks are [...]

Reality Check: Bank Of England Governor Criticizes The Petrodollar!

By Cheikh Amma Diop, Blackagendareport.com -

It is remarkable that Bank of England Governor Mark Carney recently spoke publicly about “the U.S. dollar’s “destabilizing” role in the world economy,” going on to suggest that “central banks [...]

Artists Call For Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art To Drop Trustee Tied To $130 Million Lawsuit Over ICE Detainees

By Staff, Artforum.com -

Mariner Kemper, the CEO and chairman of the UMB Financial Corp (UMB Bank) and a trustee of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri—which was founded by his parents, R. [...]

Move Over Wall Street, People’s Banks Are Coming To Replace You

By Phoenix Goodman, Truthout.org -

A specter is haunting Wall Street: the public banking movement, which vows to replace private banks’ influence in public affairs. This movement is gaining traction in states and cities across the [...]

How Trump’s Political Appointees Overruled Tougher Settlements With Big Banks

By Jesse Eisinger and Kevin Wack, Propublica.org -

Since Donald Trump’s election, federal white-collar enforcement has taken a big hit. Fines and settlements against corporations have plummeted. Prosecutions of individuals are falling to record [...]

Could Climate Change Spark A Financial Crisis? Candidates Warn Fed It’s A Risk

By John Lippert, Insideclimatenews.org -

A few of the Democrats running for president have started warning about climate change in a way that voters rarely think about yet can profoundly affect their lives. To sum it up: If you think [...]

U.S. Banks Dominate Fossil Fuel Funding

By Erik McGregor. -

Pete Sikora from NY Communities for Change spoke about the local pipeline fight against the Williams NESE Pipeline, that is part-funded by JP Morgan Chase, and Tom Ross, a local organizer with [...]

Bolton Threatens Sanctions On Banks Doing Business With Venezuela

By Stephen Lendman, Intrepidreport.com -

Because of its world’s largest oil reserves, Venezuela is a jewel in the Latin American crown the US seeks dominance over—Brazil the other jewel, the region’s largest economy, the world’s 8th [...]