An SF City Bank Is Not Only Possible — It’s A Great Idea

By Tim Redmond, -

San Francisco faces no legal obstacles and no significant policy problems with creating a municipal bank, a recent report from the city’s budget and legislative analyst concludes. The report, [...]

US Bank Declares End To Oil And Gas Pipeline Loans

By Sharon Kelly, -

For months, the bank had been under fire for financing the Dakota Access pipeline by providing over a quarter billion dollars worth of funding to its builder, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). [...]

Seattle Municipal Bank–A Future For US All

By Matt Remle and Nikkita Oliver, -

It was in early August 2016, as bulldozers desecrated grave sites and sacred lands along the Cannonball River on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.  As private security unleashed attack dogs on [...]

BlackRock Wields Its $6 Trillion Club To Combat Climate Risks

By Emily Chasan, -

BlackRock, along with investors such as UBS Asset Management and JPMorgan Chase & Co., is a participant in the task force led by Bloomberg LP founder Michael Bloomberg. The group concluded in [...]

Former Governor Of Bank Of Spain: Public Entity Should Create Money

By Staff, -

By Staff of Public Banking Institute - Positive Money, the monetary reform group based in the UK, posts that Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, former governor of Bank of Spain, is now recommending [...]

Big Banks Are Committing Major Crimes Against The Climate

By Alison Kirsch, -

By Alison Kirsch for AlterNet - At the start of next week, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the U.N.'s negotiating body on climate change, will meet in Germany to [...]

Indigenous-Led Protest Shuts Down Banks In Seattle

By Sydney Brownstone, -

By Sydney Brownstone for The Stranger - At 11 o'clock this morning, four people chained themselves to a structure blocking an entrance of the Bank of America on 5th and Olive Street. Two of them [...]

Native American Women Going After Europe’s Banks To Divest From Oil

By Shannan Stoll, -

By Shannan Stoll for The Nation - Last December, calls to defund the Dakota Access pipeline and “Stand with Standing Rock” led individuals to divest millions of dollars from banks extending [...]

Divest The Globe, Invest In The Future

By Staff, -

By Mazaska Talks. On October 23rd, ninety-two of the world's largest banks will meet in São Paolo, Brazil to discuss policies on the climate and Indigenous People's rights to Free, Prior, and [...]

Catalans Are Protesting Against Banks That Have Moved Their HQ

By James Bissell, -

By James Bissell for The Nation - Bank customers in Catalonia are withdrawing symbolic amounts of money from financial institutions that have moved their official headquarters to other locations [...]

BNP To Halt Shale Oil Financing, Expand Funds For Renewables

By Fabio Benedetti Valentini and Russell Ward, -

By Fabio Benedetti Valentini and Russell Ward for Bloomberg - BNP Paribas SA pledged to stop financing shale and oil sands projects, expanding earlier commitments in support of global efforts to [...]

Branch’s Closure Sparks Battle Against “Banking Deserts” In Baltimore

By Fern Shen, -

By Fern Shen for Baltimore Brew - There’s not much left of the Bank of America branch that closed at Reisterstown Road Plaza last month, just two still-working ATMs outside the building. Banks [...]

Stand With Puerto Rico — Not The Banks

By Wenonah Hauter, -

By Wenonah Hauter for Food and Water Watch - It’s been one week since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and nearly half of Puerto Ricans now lack access to safe drinking water and much of the [...]

Santa Barbara Votes To Divest From Banks Funding Dakota Access Pipeline

Grace Feldmann and Emiliano Campobello, -

By Grace Feldmann and Emiliano Campobello for Last Real Indians - SANTA BARBARA, California / village of Syuxtun—9/19/17, Santa Barbara City Council voted to proceed toward divesting over $40 [...]

How Capitalist Central Banks Have Been Creating The Next Financial Crisis

By Jack Rasmus, -

By Jack Rasmus for Counter Punch - As central bankers, finance ministers, and government policy makers head off to their annual gathering at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this August, 24-26, 2017, the [...]