Could Climate Change Spark A Financial Crisis? Candidates Warn Fed It’s A Risk

By John Lippert, -

A few of the Democrats running for president have started warning about climate change in a way that voters rarely think about yet can profoundly affect their lives. To sum it up: If you think [...]

U.S. Banks Dominate Fossil Fuel Funding

By Erik McGregor. -

Pete Sikora from NY Communities for Change spoke about the local pipeline fight against the Williams NESE Pipeline, that is part-funded by JP Morgan Chase, and Tom Ross, a local organizer with [...]

Bolton Threatens Sanctions On Banks Doing Business With Venezuela

By Stephen Lendman, -

Because of its world’s largest oil reserves, Venezuela is a jewel in the Latin American crown the US seeks dominance over—Brazil the other jewel, the region’s largest economy, the world’s 8th [...]

JPMorgan Backs Away From Private Prison Finance

By David Henry and Imani Moise, -

NEW YORK (Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co has decided to stop financing private operators of prisons and detention centers, which have become targets of protests over Trump administration [...]

When North Dakota Has Budget Woes, It Simply Takes A Dividend From Its State-Owned Bank

By Staff, -

North Dakota is facing important budget concerns due to the continued slide in oil prices. Early this month, the North Dakota Legislature lowered the amount of revenue the state can expect to [...]

Corporate And Banking Interests Profit From Desecration Of Black Maryland Graveyard

By Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, -

In the grand scheme of things it didn’t even register a blip. Four people arrested in an obscure auditorium in a place whose name has a certain regal air to it -- Kensington. But this wasn’t [...]

Banking Giant HSBC Divests From Israeli Arms Manufacturer Following Pressure From Human Rights Campaigners

By Staff, -

Human rights campaigners have declared a victory as global banking giant HSBC confirmed that it has divested completely from Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems after a year of campaign [...]

This Radical Plan To Fund The ‘Green New Deal’ Just Might Work

By Staff, -

With what Naomi Klein calls “galloping momentum,” the “Green New Deal” promoted by newly-elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appears to be forging a political pathway for solving all of [...]

Wall Street Thrives And Working People Struggle As GOP Tax Cut Turns One

By Max Moran, -

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 — the only major piece of legislation passed by the Trump administration — turns one year old this week. The law’s advocates promised it would create an economic [...]

Energy Transfer, Banks Lost Billions By Ignoring Early Dakota Access Pipeline Concerns

By Sharon Kelly, -

Roughly four years ago, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) filed a federal application to build a 1,172 mile oil pipeline from North Dakota’s Bakken shale across the U.S. to Illinois at a projected [...]

Occupy Jamie Dimon: Activists Are Chasing The Billionaire Across The U.S.

By Michelle Davis and Max Abelson, -

A few feet away, an activist named Ruth Breech reminded herself to stay calm: “I need to be ready.” When JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s leader paused a moment and looked to his left, Breech, at 5-foot-2, [...]

Activists Disrupt Jamie Dimon Speech And Hand Deliver IPCC Report To Send Message That Chase Must Stop Banking On Fossil Fuels

By Staff, -

Columbus, OH–This morning activists disrupted JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s speech at an event, calling attention to the bank’s funding of fossil fuels, carbon pollution, and [...]

What Banks Owe America

By Isaiah J. Poole & Devin Case-Ruchala, -

The last time the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was in the news, conservative critics of financial regulation blamed the law for the 2008 financial crisis, complaining that Wall Street’s [...]

UK Banks Refuse To Return Venezuela’s Gold

By Peter Korzun, -

Russia and Venezuela are among the countries the EU, including Great Britain, has imposed sanctions on. Both nations have been targets of London’s vigorous attacks, being blamed for numerous [...]

Bank Of England Refusing Venezuelan Request To Return $550 Mln In Gold

By Staff, -

Earlier, Caracas indicated that it was looking to repatriate some 14 tons of gold bars back from the UK out of concern that the bullion may be affected by harsh US sanctions against the Latin [...]