Fearless Cities: A Guide To The Global Municipalist Movement

By Steve Early, Popular Resistance -

Fearless Cities describes municipal reform campaigns in fifty cities and 19 countries. Its contributors include activists and elected officials in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, England, Chile, [...]

The Mayors And The Movements

By Eoghan Gilmartin, Jacobin -

In 2015, a wave of social movements lifted left-wing mayors to power in Spain. Their experience in office shows the importance of linking institutional power to bottom-up mobilization.

Colorful Clash Of Protestors And Police In Barcelona

By Staff, Roarmag.org -

Protestors opposing a march by police association JUSAPOL in Barcelona, Spain doused police lines with paint and powder before being violently dispersed. Pro-independence protestors and antifa [...]

Tens Of Thousands Attend Pro-Independence March In Barcelona

By Staff, Rte.ie -

Thousands of people have marched in Barcelona to demand the formation of a new government in Spain's Catalonia region leading to its independence from Madrid despite formidable legal obstacles. [...]

Barcelona Kicks Microsoft Out In Favor Of Open Source

By Derick Sullivan M. Lobga, Itsfoss.com -

A Spanish newspaper, El País, has reported that the City of Barcelona is in the process of migrating its computer system to Open Source technologies. According to the news report, the city plans [...]

‘Freedom For The Political Prisoners’: March In Barcelona

By Staff, commondreams.org -

By Staff of Common Dreams - "Wearing yellow ribbons on their lapels to signify support, they filled the length of the Avenue Marina that runs from the beach to Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia [...]

Thousands Rally In Barcelona Against Catalonia Secession

By Joseph Wilson, www.AP.org -

By Joseph Wilson for AP - BARCELONA, Spain — Thousands of people were rallying Sunday in downtown Barcelona to protest the Catalan government’s push for secession from the rest of Spain. Many in [...]

Catalonia: One Million Demonstrate For Self-Determination Vote

By Esquerra Revolucionària, www.socialistalternative.org -

By Esquerra Revolucionària for Socialist Alternative - On the 11th September one million people spilled onto the streets of Barcelona shouting loud and clear their intention to vote during the [...]

8 Lessons From Barcelona En Comú On How To Take Back Control

By Oscar Reyes and Bertie Russell, www.opendemocracy.net -

By Oscar Reyes and Bertie Russell for Open Democracy - After 20 months in charge of Barcelona, here are eight things we have learned from Ada Colau and Barcelona en Comú. We’re living in [...]

We Want To Welcome! Barcelona Demands Open Borders For Refugees

By Carlos Delclós, www.roarmag.org -

By Carlos Delclós for ROAR Magazine - On February 18, over 160.000 people took to the streets of Barcelona to demand that the Spanish government and the European Union accept more refugees. The [...]

Barcelona’s Struggle To Create The City As A Commons

By David Bollier, www.shareable.net -

By David Bollier for Shareable - On a visit to Barcelona last week, I learned a great deal about the city’s pioneering role in developing "the city as a commons." I also learned that [...]

Barcelona Is Kicking Cars Off Many Of Its Streets.

Ben Adler, www.grist.org -

Ben Adler for Grist - The city’s plan will create “superblocks” that cars, buses, and trucks must go around, with exceptions for local residents and deliveries at off-peak times. Despite the [...]

Is This The World’s Most Radical Mayor?

By Dan Hancox, www.theguardian.com -

By Dan Hancox for the Guardian. Ada Colau was there to discuss the housing crisis that had devastated Spain. Since the financial crisis, 400,000 homes had been foreclosed and a further 3.4m [...]

Commons Collaborative Economy Explodes In Barcelona

By Stacco Troncoso and Ann Marie Utratel, www.commonstransition.org -

By Stacco Troncoso and Ann Marie Utratel for Commons Transition - Cities have personalities -- they're often described as we would people. They can be dry, manic, laid-back, iconic. Barcelona is [...]

The PAH: Defending The Right To Housing In Spain

By Timothy Ginty, www.roarmag.org -

By Timothy Ginty in RoarMag - In February 2009, after the Spanish government had shown itself incapable of enforcing Article 47 of the Spanish Constitution — declaring that “all Spaniards have [...]

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