Bad, Bad Barrett Brown

By Gabriella Coleman, -

Among both American and British law-enforcement communities, the temptation runs strong to treat hackers and hacktivists in simplistic terms. The public was offered a rare glimpse of this [...]

What Barrett Brown’s Charges Mean For Journalism

By Sean Nevins, -

On Jan. 22, journalist, activist and author Barrett Brown, 33, is scheduled to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay in Dallas for threatening an FBI agent, hiding evidence during an [...]

Barrett Brown Pleads Guilty: What It Means For Hacker Journalism

By Douglas Lucas, -

Tuesday in Dallas federal court, “hacktivist journo” Barrett Brown pled guilty to three counts stemming from his reporting on a high-profile Anonymous hack and his long-running battles with the [...]

Barret Brown’s Lawyer Criticizes Justice System

By Ed Pilkington, -

The lawyer for Barrett Brown, the activist-journalist in jail in Texas on charges related to his involvement with computer hackers, has called for an overhaul in the way technology cases are [...]

Barrett Brown Could Leave Prison This Year With Plea Deal

By Daniel Stuckey, -

On Monday, US Attorney Sarah Saldaña filed a superseding indictment in the government’s case against Barrett Brown. “It’s conceivable,” attorney Jay Leiderman told me yesterday, that the [...]

Barrett Brown Describes Life In Jail

By Barrett Brown, -

Like a lot of pompous, insufferable people, I didn’t watch television when I was previously “out in the world,” as my fellow inmates say. And if I were being held in a regular federal facility [...]

An Unconstitutional Gag Order Threatens to Further Silence Barrett Brown

By Dustin Slaughter, -

"Legal proceedings surrounding the politically-charged, precedent-setting prosecution of investigative journalist Barrett L. Brown have taken another disconcerting turn as the government has [...]