Barrett Brown: DoJ Subpoenaed Intercept For Records On Him

By Kevin Gosztola and Brian Sonenstein, -

By Kevin Gosztola and Brian Sonenstein for ShadowProof. The in-house counsel for the Intercept received a subpoena from the Justice Department for all contracts and communications between [...]

Barrett Brown Leaves Prison Still Chained To A Crime He Didn’t Commit

By Dell Cameron, -

By Dell Cameron for The Daily Dot - The 35-year-old cause célèbre, convicted in January 2015 after spending more than two years in pretrial confinement, faces a laundry list of post-release [...]

63 Months For Barrett Brown: Speech Read At Sentencing

By Barrett Brown, -

The allocution I give today is going to be a bit different from the sort that usually concludes a sentencing hearing, because this is an unusual case touching upon unusual issues. It is also a [...]

Barrett Brown, Guilty Of Satire, To Be Sentenced Jan 22nd

By Kevin Gallagher, -

On January 22, jailed American journalist Barrett Brown will finally learn his sentence. This had been expected to happen last month, on December 16, but the government unleashed a torrent of [...]