Energy Transfer Partners’ Security Team Sinks Water Protectors’ Boats

By Dahr Jamail, -

Monday morning, an Energy Transfer Partners security team sank two boats carrying approximately 15 water protectors and members of the media at a Bayou Bridge Pipeline construction site. A press [...]

It’s Time To Support The Bayou Bridge Pipeline Fight

By L'Eau est la Vie. -

The battle to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline has been a long one, with many successes. Not only did we organize 700 local people to the public comment meetings, we sent around 20,000 public [...]

Urgent Call For Help From Water Is Life Camp

By Cherri Foytlan, L’eau Est La Vie Camp -

WE NEED YOU. I am asking you to make plans to joins us at L’eau Est La Vie Camp ASAP, within the next 6-8 weeks (most effectively in the next four). We’ve been fighting this battle to stop the [...]

State Court Declares Bayou Bridge Pipeline’s Coastal Use Permit Illegal

By Pastor Harry Joseph, 5th District H.E.L.P. Association, Genevieve Butler, Dustin Renaud, Gulf Restoration Network,  Dean Wilson, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, Cherri Foytlin, Bold Louisiana, Elizabeth Livingston de Calderon, Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, for Popular Resistance -

Louisiana’s 23rd Judicial District Court has ruled that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources(DNR) violated the Coastal Use Guidelines when it issued Bayou Bridge Pipeline, LLC a Coastal [...]