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BDS Movement

Palm Beach Residents Sue County Over Its Israel Investments

In the first legal action of its kind, a group of Palm Beach residents are suing the Florida county over its massive investment in Israeli bonds. Palm Beach has invested $700 million in the bonds, 22 times more than any other county in the United States. On May 15, dozens of local organizers and human rights advocates gathered outside the county’s courthouse for a press conference announcing the move. David Piña, the attorney who filed the lawsuit, told the crowd that Comptroller and Clerk of the Circuit Court Joseph Abruzzo had put 15% of the county’s investments in Israeli bonds. “[Abruzzo] has has not only failed us morally, he’s also violated two state statutes in the process,” Piña explained.

How Israeli University Presidents Are Proving The Case For Boycott

On April 26, 2024, the presidents of Israel’s nine research universities — Ben-Gurion, Weizmann Insitute of Science, Hebrew University, the Open University, Ariel, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology — issued a collective statement in response to the Palestinian solidarity student encampments that were spreading across university campuses throughout the United States and beyond. The statement was a remarkable condemnation of student protestors in the U.S. as engaging in “severe violence, antisemitism [and] anti-Israel sentiment,” characterizing these students as “incited and hateful groups,” who are allegedly “organized and supported” by “terrorist organizations.”

Students Demanding Divestment: You’re On The Right Side Of History

This reunion comes at an auspicious time, with college campuses erupting all over the country in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Once again, 55 years later, Stanford students are rising up for peace and justice. They have established a "People's University" encampment and they are demanding that Stanford: (1) explicitly condemn Israel’s genocide and apartheid; (2) call for an immediate ceasefire, and for Israel and Egypt to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza; and (3) immediately divest from the consumer brands identified by the Palestinian BDS National Committee and all firms in Stanford’s investment portfolio that are complicit in Israeli war crimes, apartheid and genocide.

Portland State University Will ‘Pause’ Donations From Boeing

Portland State University (PSU) will temporarily halt donations from Boeing, responding to student calls to cut ties with the giant aerospace and missile manufacturer amidst Israel’s war on Gaza. President Ann Cudd stated in an open letter released Friday that PSU plans to organise a forum in May to address student concerns regarding their affiliations with the multibillion-dollar weapons manufacturer. She wrote: “PSU will pause seeking or accepting any further gifts or grants from the Boeing Company until we have had a chance to engage in this debate and come to conclusions about a reasonable course of action.”

Dozens Arrested In Istanbul Demanding End To Turkiye-Israel Trade

Police in Istanbul on 6 April used brutal tactics to detain 43 Turkish protesters demanding the end of trade between Turkiye and Israel amid Israel's ongoing war on Gaza. Video of Turkish riot police harshly forcing protesters into police vans near the famous shopping district on Istiklal Street spread on social media under the hashtag "#israilleticaretedurde." A video released by Turkish activists following the protests stated, "More than 30 of our friends were tortured and detained by the police. The occupying state of Israel continues a genocide in Palestinian lands."

Calls Mount For IOC To Kick Out Israel From Paris Olympics

In a detailed letter to FIFA, backed by six other member associations, PFA called for a ban on the Israeli football federation and all clubs associated with it, citing “unprecedented violations of human rights and humanitarian law.” “The entire football infrastructure in Gaza has been either destroyed or severely damaged,” read the letter. “The loss of innocent lives, including no less than 99 footballers, the destruction of homes… Are clear violations of international law.” According to Palestinian media, citing local sports bodies, more than 160 athletes, including at least 99 footballers from various divisions, have been killed in the Israeli genocidal war that is now in its sixth month, killing nearly 32,000 already.

How A New Generation Is Divesting From Israeli Apartheid

“Not in our name” has been a rallying cry for Jewish demonstrators across the world during this most brutal of episodes of Israeli state violence against Palestinians, and for good reason. The Israeli regime and aligned governments regularly invoke the safety of the Jewish people as a rationale for the unbridled violence perpetrated against Palestinians, leveraging the legacy of the holocaust and antisemitism to generate impunity for the Israeli political elite.

New Orleans Tells Local Business Leaders To End Support Of Genocide

New Orleans, LA – On Wednesday, March 13, angry New Orleans residents disrupted this year’s New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) on its busiest day. Hosted by Idea Village, NOEW is a major networking event for tech startups, with the founder of Waitr as the featured keynote this year. Protesters disrupted this event 17 times, condemning Ideal Village’s sponsorship of the “Innovation Embassy” – a technological and trade partnership between the Port of New Orleans and the Port of Ashdod in Israel.

Irish Women Basketball Players Protest Israel’s Genocide In Gaza

Defying heavy pressure and the threat of sanctions and expulsion, the members of the Irish basketball team, playing in Riga, Latvia at the Women’s EuroBasket qualifier match, refused to shake the hands of the opposing team, Israel. Five members of the Irish team decided not to play in the match at all. The move was in response to allegations of antisemitism from the Israeli team against the Irish team and Basketball Ireland, which had raised objections to playing against Israel amid its ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people. Ahead of the match on February 8, progressive organizations in Ireland including Irish Sport for Palestine, People Before Profit, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC), had urged Basketball Ireland to boycott the match with Israel organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

McDonald’s Records Sales Downturn Over Israel Support

McDonald’s Corp. missed investor expectations as sales growth decelerated in the fourth quarter of last year, partially due to their support for Israel, Bloomberg reported on 5 February. The sales pace is the slowest since the fourth quarter of 2020, below the average estimate of analysts. Global same-store sales only rose 3.4 percent during the final business quarter of 2023, well below Wall Street's expected 4.7 percent increase. Sales expectations were lowered following comments made by McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski in January, when he stated that markets in West Asia and others outside of the region were facing a “meaningful business impact” because of the war between the Palestinian resistance and Israel.

Icelanders Intensify Campaign Against Israel’s Genocidal War In Gaza

Progressive and anti-war groups in Iceland have intensified initiatives in solidarity with Palestine and against Israel’s ongoing genocidal war on Palestinians. The Iceland – Palestine Association and BDS Iceland have called for a demonstration on January 18 outside the office of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV) in Reykjavík to urge the national broadcaster to challenge Israel’s participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2024 organized by European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in Sweden. In the protest titled ‘United in Music – Torn Apart by Genocide’, several musicians in Iceland will deliver their petition urging RUV to refuse to participate in Eurovision alongside Israel which has been carrying out a genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

BDS ‘Tour’ Of Israel-Supporting Businesses At Shopping Centre

Bristol’s Broadmead shopping district will see activists host a tour of it – focusing on companies that are complicit in Israel’s ongoing genocide and war crimes in Gaza and the Occupied Territories. Organisers are inviting the public to join them on Saturday 30 December as they visit companies like Barclays and Pret A Manger. As the Canary previously reported, Bristol Palestine Alliance was formed in response to the horrific events happening in Gaza. Acting as an umbrella group, it brings members from organisations and groups and communities in the city together to respond collectively to organise marches and other events to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine. It is based on the network of solidarity that has been successfully built in this city over many years.

Getting Serious About Halting Israeli Genocide

Many experts compare apartheid Israel to apartheid South Africa. Speeches at the UN may have helped to bring down South Africa’s apartheid regime, but change didn’t come until countries around the world embraced a global campaign to economically and politically isolate it. The reason Israel’s die-hard supporters in the United States have tried to ban, or even criminalize, the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is not that it is illegitimate or anti-semitic. It is precisely because boycotting, sanctioning and divesting from Israel may be an effective strategy to help bring down its genocidal, expansionist and unaccountable regime.

Report: Private Security Firm G4S To Divest From Israel

Private security firm G4S is to divest completely from Israel, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement reported yesterday in an announcement billed as a "major win for human rights activism against corporate complicity." G4S' parent company, Allied Universal, is said to have sold all its remaining business in apartheid Israel following years of campaigns waged by the BDS movement for Palestinian rights. G4S suffered serious "reputational damage" and lost lucrative investment contracts because of pro-Palestine activism. Several other human rights campaigns have also targeted G4S over what campaigners have said is the security firm's "long, violent record of human rights abuses against prisoners, migrants, and other communities worldwide, including the UK, South Africa and the US."

Belgian City Of Verviers Cuts Ties With Israel’s ‘Apartheid Regime’

The Belgian city of Verviers has become the latest city in Europe to cut its ties with the Israeli “apartheid regime” to “strengthen its support for the Palestinian people,” the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported. In its meeting, Verviers Municipal Council discussed a motion introduced by members of the Socialist Party (PS), the Labor Party (PTB), and the Ecologist Confederation (ECOLO) that says that the City of Verviers wants to strengthen its support for the Palestinian people by cutting its ties with the Israeli apartheid regime. The draft proposal said that the municipal council of Verviers undertakes not to open relations with the state of Israel and its institutions as long as the apartheid system persists and the violation of international law by the Israeli authorities.
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