Major Performers Dump Sydney Festival Over Israeli Sponsorship

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, The Electronic Intifada. -

At least 30 major artists, performers and organizations have pulled out of the Sydney Festival in Australia over a $20,000 sponsorship deal with the Israeli embassy. Comedian Tom Ballard [...]

International Day Of Solidarity With The Palestinian People

By BDS Movement. -

Over the past 18 months, calls for a UN-led investigation into Israeli apartheid have intensified globally, most notably from South Africa and Namibia, as well as from hundreds of political and [...]

‘Boycott Tour’ Demands Justice And Liberation For Palestine

By Samidoun. -

On Wednesday, 6 October, activists marched through downtown Vancouver, Canada, as part of the Boycott Tour, drawing attention to the complicity of corporations, universities and government [...]

Nike To End Sales In Israeli Shops

By Palestinian Responds. -

Israel has been dealt a hammer blow by sports clothing manufacturer Nike. The mega-brand has announced that it will end the sale of its products in stores within the occupation state in a move [...]

Boycott Puma – Pass It On

By Pacbi, BDS Movement. -

It’s not a good time to be PUMA’s CEO. Last month we learned just how nervous he is about the growing campaign to boycott PUMA over its support for Israeli apartheid. Teams in several [...]

Ben And Jerry’s Punished By Arizona For Israeli Boycott

By Middle East Monitor. -

The US state of Arizona has taken the decision to punish Ben & Jerry's, one of America's most successful firms, for the company's boycott of illegal Israeli settlements. The global ice cream [...]

Ben And Jerry’s Vows To Stop Sales In Israeli West Bank Settlements

By , Mondoweiss. -

On Monday Ben & Jerry’s announced that it would stop selling ice cream in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. The move comes after years of pressure from activists in the [...]

Protesters Prevent Israeli Container Ship From Docking

By Matt Allen, CBC News. -

An Israeli container ship was prevented from docking Monday at the Prince Rupert, B.C., port after a group of about 10 protesters — whose aim is to block Israel from shipping goods to North [...]

Over 16,000 Artists Sign Letter In Solidarity With Palestine

By Michael Arria, Mondoweiss. -

Over 16,000 artists have signed their names in support of a letter that condemns Israel’s recent attack on Gaza and denounces the country’s apartheid system. The letter also calls on other [...]

Israeli Ships Not Welcome At North American Ports

By People's Dispatch. -

In a major push to hold Israel accountable for its crimes on Palestinians, activists and workers’ movements have put up picket lines on key ports in the United States and Canada to block entry [...]

Oakland Dockworkers Refuse To Unload Israeli Cargo Ship

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, Electronic Intifada. -

Hundreds of activists and dockworkers responded to an international call to action and successfully prevented an Israel-owned vessel from unloading its cargo at Oakland in California on Friday. [...]

Protesters At Port Of Oakland Declare Win In Israeli Cargo Boycott

By Rick Hurd, East Bay Times. -

Hundreds of picketers and protesters marched Friday morning in front of the Port of Oakland to keep cargo on an Israeli ship from being delivered. Approximately 1,000 people from the Arab [...]

Hundreds Of Musicians Sign Onto Boycott Letter

By In Palestine Today. -

Hundreds of musicians, including members of Rage Against the Machine, have signed on to an open letter that asks other artists to boycott performances in Israel until it ends its occupation of [...]

Abby Martin Had Free Speech Rights Violated By Georgia’s Anti-BDS Law

By Kevin Gosztola, Shadow Proof. -

A federal court ruled in favor of journalist Abby Martin, who was barred from speaking at Georgia Southern University after she refused to pledge she would not boycott Israel.