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Lost And Fearful In The Middle East

Of all the amateurish moments to arise as the Biden regime conducts its foreign policy, the White House’s official statement as B1–B bombers let loose over Iraq and Syria last Friday may be the taker of the cake. As the ordnance fell on 85 targets in seven locations, many of them outposts of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, our addled president felt compelled to insist, “The United States does not seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world.” How many times have we heard this since these latest operations in Iraq, Syria and Yemen began? Antony Blinken, the secretary of state, has said the same thing in the same words. Lloyd Austin, the defense secretary, has, too.

US Court: Biden Administration Should Reflect On Its ‘Unflagging Support’ For ‘Plausible’ Genocide

A U.S. court in Oakland dismissed a lawsuit accusing the Biden administration of failing to prevent in a genocide in Gaza. However, it also called on The White House to reflect on its “unflagging support” for Israel’s assault and said the genocide charges were “plausible.” The conclusion of the court’s decision makes it clear that the case was reluctantly dismissed on jurisdictional grounds. “There are rare cases in which the preferred outcome is inaccessible to the Court,” wrote U.S. District Judge Jeffrey S. White. “This is one of those cases.

Stop The War On Yemen!

Workers World condemns the U.S. and British imperialist governments for their unjustifiable attacks on Yemen Jan. 11. This latest aggression is a direct expansion of the genocidal war they have been collaborating with in Gaza. It coincides with the charges of that genocide against Israel in the International Court of Justice, brought by South Africa. This attack on Yemen exposes the lies from the Biden administration about taking every step to avoid expanding the war in the region. Once again after the invasions of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, Washington and its NATO allies, first and foremost its top junior partner in London, have attacked another country in the West Asia region.

Bill Introduced In House Calls For US To Drop Charges Against Assange

A resolution introduced in the House last month calls for the US to drop the charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who faces up to 175 years in prison if extradited to the US and convicted for journalism that exposed US war crimes. The bill, introduced by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), expresses “the sense of the House of Representatives that regular journalistic activities, including the obtainment and publication of information, are protected under the First Amendment and that the federal government should drop all charges against and attempts to extradite Julian Assange.”

China, Iran and And North Korea Have Warned The US On Their Red Lines

On Tuesday, January 3, 204, a small group waved signs on Honolulu’s busy Beretania Street in front of the Hawaii State Capitol to commemorate the sixth year since the citizens of Hawaii were informed by text messages that there was an incoming nuclear missile. The phone alert said, “This is not a practice.”  People in Hawaii dived into man-holes on the street, headed into their homes or into other places like caves.  20 minutes later, the State of Hawaii Emergency Management System issued an apology for a systems operator pushing the wrong button.   But the drill made real to the people of Hawaii how close our world is to a nuclear attack. 

Gay Resigns, Biden Official Quits

Claudine Gay has resigned as Harvard University’s president, the shortest tenure in the history of the school. Gay was ostensibly ousted over alleged plagiarism, but those accusations only emerged after her calamitous testimony at a congressional hearing on campus antisemitism. That hearing ended up having very little to do with actual campus antisemitism and more to do with student protests in response to the assault on Gaza. The presidents of MIT, Penn and Harvard were grilled by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), but most of the anger was directed at the first black woman to lead Harvard. Stefanik called for resignation and claimed that the university ranked last in protecting Jewish students.

Biden Staffers Demand Cease-Fire At ‘Historic’ White House Vigil

Dozens of Biden administration staffers held a vigil outside the White House late Wednesday calling for a lasting cease-fire in Gaza as the Palestinian territory's healthcare system collapsed and the U.S.-armed Israeli military bombed the entirety of the besieged strip. The staffers donned masks and sunglasses to conceal their identities, likely out of fear of retaliation from an administration that has been accused of cracking down on dissent against President Joe Biden's support for Israel's assault on Gaza.

Not A Penny Nor A Bullet Off The Table

In the midst of an Old Testament-style genocide against the Palestinian people, there is a paraphrased line from the Book of Daniel that has come into full view for the Biden administration: “The writing is on the wall.” Everywhere in the U.S. that prominent administration officials go, they are hearing it from a public increasingly alarmed about their complicity in genocide. It is not criticism they can easily ignore. For one thing, if they have a shred of conscience left they cannot avoid seeing that Israel’s military campaign is “deliberately inflicting on the group [Gazans] conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part,” as the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide defines the supreme crime.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 61: US Believes Israel’s Gaza Invasion Could Last Until The End Of January

Israeli forces went through their “most intense day” of battle as they approached the Gaza Strip’s second-largest city of Khan Younis on Tuesday afternoon. The occupation forces had been attempting to control the Khan Younis governorate since Friday and reach the seaside street of Al-Rashid. Khan Younis is split into a zone east of Salah El-Din Street, where the towns of Al-Qarara, Abasan, Khuza’a, and Bani Suheila are located, and to the west lays the city of Khan Younis, Nasser Hospital, and the town of Al-Mawasi. Israeli forces have bombed most of these locations in the past 24 hours to pave the way for tanks to drive and cut Salah El-Din Street, a tactic it employed in southern Gaza at the start of the ground incursion in late October.

Lawsuit Targets Biden Administration Over Complicity In Gaza Genocide

A U.S. nonprofit has taken legal action against the Biden administration over support for Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza. On Monday the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) filed a lawsuit in Northern District of California against U.S. President Joe Biden, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for failure to prevent genocide and complicity in genocide. Plaintiffs include the human rights groups Defense for Children International–Palestine (DCIP) and Al-Haq, Great March of Return founder Ahmed Abu Artema, founder of the 2018 Great March of Return, Nasser Medical Complex physician Dr. Omar Al-Najjar, and DCIP field researcher Mohammed Ahmed Abu Rokbeh.

Why Maximus Workers Are Walking Off The Job

As a federal customer service representative, I help seniors access the healthcare they need through Medicare, often handling hundreds of calls per day to sign people up, answer their questions, help them navigate billing, and more. I am an expert on these programs, but the hard truth is that despite working for the largest federal call center contractor, Maximus, I don’t have access to affordable health coverage for myself and my three children and my pay is so low I’m struggling to stay afloat. This is why I’m going on strike today with hundreds of my co-workers who are experiencing similar struggles.

Reject Bill For Forced Displacement Of Palestinians To Third Countries

The United States should oppose any Israeli actions that could result in the forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza, said Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN). The group urged Congress to reject a supplementary funding bill that proposes funding humanitarian aid to Palestinians who have been displaced from Gaza to neighboring countries. Israeli actions, statements, and policy directives, including a leaked policy document drafted by the Israeli intelligence ministry that recommends the permanent forced transfer of Palestinians in Gaza to Sinai, indicate that Israel is actively considering forcibly displacing Palestinians in Gaza to third countries.

Vox’s Student Loan ‘Expert’ Is Paid By Debt Collectors

Vox (8/7/23) published a piece arguing that “the White House should admit that student debt forgiveness isn’t happening,” and instead make sure that borrowers are prepared for loan repayments to begin again in October. But it failed to disclose that the author is on the student loan industry’s payroll. The Debt Collective, the nation’s first debtor’s union, noted on Twitter (8/7/23) that the author, Kevin Carey, works for a corporate-backed think tank funded in part by the student loan industry, and has worked to undermine student debt cancellation for over a decade. As a result, Carey’s argument that cancellation is futile, and that the White House’s efforts should be focused on helping students restart payments and avoid delinquency, reeks of feigned sympathy.

Henry K In Beijing

Secretary of State Blinken traveled to Beijing in mid–June and got nothing done. Treasury Secretary Yellen followed within weeks and got nothing done. John Kerry, secretary of nothing who is supposed to be doing something about climate policy but one cannot make out what, finished up a round of talks in the Chinese capital last weekend. And got nothing done.  This has been going on since the Biden regime befouled relations with China shortly after the January 2021 inauguration. None of these people has been received in Beijing with more than minimal courtesy and not quite that if we are measuring respect. 

When The River Roars: 70 Years Of Confusion

This year is incredibly important to me and the Korean people. Next Wednesday, July 27th is the 70th anniversary of the armistice of Korean War, the longest war in American history. I turn 34 this year, almost half of that number. And my grandmother, who left a memoir that I finally found in 2015, was aged 70 years when she published these words, translated by me: I only understood what that war was, felt it against my flesh only after I came down from the mountains. Nobody was whole after the war. It spared no one. People either lost their lives, lost their families, lost their legs or arms, or were irrevocably scarred in their hearts. People who survived the war were like people who had already lost their lives once and came back from the dead.
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