Days Of Revolt: Company Town


By Chris Hedges. Welcome to Days of Revolt. We’re filming this segment in New York City, and we’re going to be discussing the effects of the agricul–the agricultural corporations, in particular in Salinas, California. What they have done to communities, to grassroots democratic movements, and how in this microcosm of Salinas they are reconfiguring the city along the lines of neoliberalism in a way that, of course, communities and cities across this country are being reconfigured. Joining me in the studio is Jose Castaneda. He is an independent radical city councilperson who big business has made war against. And Anthony Prince, an attorney who has been working with groups in Salinas to fight back against the power of big business, and all the ways that they are distorting life within the city, including of course going after what has become a large homeless population. Thank you, Jose, and thank you, Anthony.

Wine 'Goliath' Bullies 'David' Egg Seller


By Shepherd Bliss. Sonoma County, CA – It’s a classic Goliath vs. David story, with Sonoma County’s powerful wine industry as Goliath. Their high-paid lobbyists and marketers re-branded this region from our cherished, natural “Redwood Empire” to their commercial “Wine Country.” Goliath hoards more than its fair share of water, agricultural land, and road space. These wine barons run a Wine Empire that colonizes food farms and usurps natural resources. Wise Acre is a local David. Most wineries here are owned by large corporate investors from Wall Street and outside the US. “The Myth of the Family Winery: Global Corporations Behind California Wine,” published by the Marin Institute, documents this. A few alcohol companies own most of the wine production here.