For The First Time, Big Oil Is Held Liable For Climate Change

By Paola Rosa-Aquino, New York Magazine. -

A Dutch court on Wednesday ruled Royal Dutch Shell must dramatically reduce its carbon emissions because of its contributions to climate change, the first time a fossil-fuel company has been held [...]

Could Baltimore’s Climate Change Suit Become A Supreme Court Test Case?

By David Hasemyer, Inside Climate News. -

What began as a narrow jurisdictional question to be argued Tuesday before the U.S. Supreme Court in a climate change lawsuit filed by the city of Baltimore could take on far greater implications [...]

Scheer Intelligence: How Big Oil Weaponized The Judicial System

By Robert Scheer, -

Steve Donziger has dedicated the latter part of his life to fighting oil companies’ greedy destruction of indigenous lands and peoples in the Amazon. After a decades-long legal battle against [...]