Mayor De Blasio’s Epic Rikers Island Failure

By Glenn E. Martin, New York Daily News. -

In 2017, a year after launching the campaign, the mayor was brought to his knees by the unavoidable momentum built by the campaign. He begrudgingly conceded that Rikers needed to close. But the [...]

Rejoice! New York Is The Biggest City To Ban Foam Packaging

By Sara Bernard, -

This week, New York officially became the largest city in the U.S. to ban that squeaky ecological scourge: plastic foam, usually (incorrectly) known as Styrofoam. The everlasting stuff is finally [...]

Time To Stand Up To The NYPD

By Kevin Zeese, -

What kind of relationship do communities and individuals want to have with the police? Do police want the respect of the communities and people they serve? How does a city create a vision for the [...]

Rasmea Responds To Travesty Of Justice: ‘I Am Strong!’

By Answer Coalition, -

On Nov. 10, after just two hours of deliberation at the Detroit federal courthouse, a jury decided that Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian American community leader, is guilty on one count of unlawful [...]

Fight For 15 In NYC Just Got A Lot More Promising And Complicated

By William Blueher and James Hoff, -

Bill de Blasio's role in helping Andrew Cuomo attain the endorsement of the Working Families Party has opened up a space for a more vigorous and radical discussion of a minimum wage for [...]