Black And Brown Power Unite To Stop Deportation Raids

Protesters block traffic while displaying a sign in the #StopTheRaids demonstration on February 15, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo: Tom Callahan)

By Kelly Hayes for Truthout – With issues of mass incarceration and deportation hanging heavy over the current presidential race, both Black Lives Matter activists and immigration rights activists have had a great deal to say about the policies and commentaries of each potential commander in chief. But while hashtags like #SuperTuesday go viral and problematic award shows drag up questions about Black and Brown solidarity, some young people are forging ahead on the front lines, arm-in-arm with those whose issues many would divide from their own.

Community Wants Answers In Police Killing Of Undocumented Man

Community members and organizers with the Next Generation Action Network protest outside Grapevine, Texas, City Hall March 10, 2015. The group is calling for Grapevine police officials to release the dash-cam video of Officer Robert Clark's fatal shooting of Rubén García Villalpando. (Photo: Candice Bernd)

“Are you going to kill me?” That was the last thing Rubén García Villalpando reportedly asked Grapevine, Texas, Police Officer Robert Clark before Clark answered his question – in the affirmative. According to witnesses, García Villalpando had his hands up when Clark shot him twice, February 20, in Euless, Texas – a city technically outside the officer’s jurisdiction. Clark’s shooting of García Villalpando echoes what has become an all-too-familiar, tragic tale across the nation amid a national debate on the policing tactics used in communities of color, sparked initially by the killing of Michael Brown and subsequent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, which have come to the fore again recently with the release of a Department of Justice (DOJ) report detailing the city’s systemic racist policing policies of collecting revenue off the backs of Black people.